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CCELL is a brand that is dedicated to bringing you the best in the vaping oils. You can find colorful, sleek batteries that make vaping easy on the go, or larger, more powerful batteries that are great for all-day vaping. They can accommodate 510 threaded cartridges, and they have a number of accessories available, too! CCELL offers one of the best choices for oil vaping, so take a look at our CCELL products!

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How to Choose a CCELL Vape?

CCELL specializes in e-juice and liquid vapes of all different kinds of designs with all different kinds of features. Choosing a portable vape can be daunting, but the best way to do so is to inventory what you want out of a vape before you shop. Do you want slim and discrete? Do you want powerful and full-featured? Answering these questions first and looking to see what fits will make shopping easy!

Types of CCELL Vapes

While CCELL only deals with liquid vapes and box mods, they still have quite an impressive catalog of products to peruse. We have taken some of their most popular for your consideration!


As the name implies, the Palm is a small, square device that fits right into the palm of your hand. It has a 550mAh rechargeable battery and features draw-fire vaping. There are no buttons to activate the device, all you need to do is take a breath! The Palm is built with 510 threading, so it will support a number of different tanks, and it is available in a wide selection of colors.


The Silo has a lot of similarities to the Palm. It is also a small, discrete device that makes use of a draw fire feature. All you need to do to start vaping is take a hit! It will automatically begin vaping when it senses airflow. The Silo is powered by a 500mAh battery and is longer and slimmer than the Palm. The Silo is also 510 threaded and available in a bunch of colors.


The Dart is a super small, AIO vaping device that is simple to use. It features a houses e-juice tank that is easily refillable, and it boasts being able to create more vapor with less liquid because of its unique design. The Dart is powered by a 480mAh battery and has a discrete LED light to let you know when vapor is being produced.

The M3 continues the trend of being a small, discrete vaporizer. However, unlike the other models discussed, the M3 features a classic vape pen design. Tanks connect on top of the battery through 510 threading so you will have a large choice in what tanks or pre-filled cartridges you choose. Available in several colors!

What is a CCELL Vape?

CCELL is a brand that has dedicated itself to liquid vaping. More specifically, their products tend to focus on being discrete and easy to use. Most of their products use a draw fire mechanism, meaning the vaporizer has no physical button. As long as you can load it properly all you have to do to vape is breathe in! They are also stylish, with most vaporizers (except the Dart) being available in a large variety of colors. If you want discrete, easy to use, and travel friendly, CCELL is definitely your brand.

Why Buy a CCELL Vape?

CCELL vaporizers excel at being beginner-friendly and travel friendly. If you are new to vaping and are intimidated by various features, complex mechanisms, and just want to be sure you can use it without a lot of problems, CCELL is a fantastic choice. Most of their devices are 510 threaded, which means you can use your preferred tank. If you do not like the idea of messing with filling tanks, most prefilled cartridges are also 510 threaded compatible. CCELL is an easy, beginner-friendly choice!