Magic Flight Launch Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) is one nifty device. Small enough to fit in your palm (coming in at about 2" x 1" x 1" total), but with a chamber large enough to pack a decent-sized bowl, the Magic Flight truly feels, well... like magic.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Video Review

Cool Vape Design

Magic Flight Launch Box Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

Aside from being extremely portable, the MFLB is also known for its simplicity. All you have to do is slide the glass screen open, pack some ground herbs into the chamber (or trench as they call it), slide the glass screen shut, pop in the battery, and within seconds (literally, less than 5 seconds), you can start inhaling decent clouds of vapor.

Small, Portable Vape

It's super small, vapes in an instant, and provides nice, pure and smooth vapor. The instant you want to start vaping, just slide that battery in. As soon as you want to stop, just pull it back out.

And it's not just the mechanics that work well--the device itself feels good. The Magic Flight Launch Box is handcrafted in the USA from wood. You can easily see exactly when the vapor starts pouring out thanks to the glass window. And thanks to the mostly wooden and glass design, the vapor produces a good taste. Even the instructional manual (the Flight Guide) shows the extra love and care the designers put into the vaporizer and the entire vaping experience. It's well thought out and provides a lot of useful tips, like how to get the best hits.

Magic Flight May Be Small, But Packs a Punch

Downsides to the Magic Flight

The simplicity of the MFLB does come at a cost, and despite how easily the MFLB works and how nice it is to behold, there are some underlying complications.

First, it is possible to combust in the chamber. You have to be fairly inattentive to do so, but it can happen. This is because the chamber is powered directly from the battery, and the longer you hold the battery in, the hotter the chamber gets. So if you pop the battery in for too long, you'll shoot right past the perfect vaping temperature and right into combustion territory. Having it happen once or twice will certainly serve as a lesson for what not to do the next few times around--and then you'll be a pro. And just a tip, if you accidentally combust and need to put it out, take out the battery and cover up both the battery hole and the hole where you inhale and make sure the glass window is shut. No oxygen. No fire. Solved.

Speaking of the temperature, the Magic Flight is definitely the "analog" to the Da Vinci Ascent's "digital" approach when it comes to vaping. You won't know the exact temperature you're vaping at, because that's controlled by how long you hold the battery in and how fast (or rather.. slowly if done properly) you draw your hits. You'll just have to know when you're at the right temperature for you. Some people like this kind of straightforward simplicity, some people want to get their vape temperature down to the last degree. It's a matter of what's important to you.

Vape Battery Note

Finally, let's talk about the batteries. We haven't experienced any problems ourselves, but there is a fair amount of caution and warning in the manuals of the Magic Flight surrounding the batteries. We love to follow directions, but it seems possible that if you slip up on one too many guidelines concerning how to properly use the device and the batteries, you could find yourself in trouble. It doesn't seem like anything crazy--just make sure you use the batteries as instructed and everything should be smooth sailing (whoops, missed an opportunity for a flying analogy).

The kit comes with two batteries properly prepared for you -- just take care of them and follow directions.

Magic Box Vape Conclusion

All in all, we're fans of the Magic Flight Launch Box. It's nice to have devices that get exact temperature controls and have all the bells and whistles--but at the end of the day, if you're just trying to get your vape on quickly, easily, and with room in your pocket for a few spare items, the Magic Flight is a great piece of craftsmanship.