How to Fix a Broken Atmos Vaporizer Pen (Heating Coil and Battery Repair)


Atmos vaporizer pens are extremely popular and are one of the best vape pen brands in the US.  However, on rare occasions, someone will run into a problem with either the dry herb heating chamber or battery. While I think the overall rate is low, given how many of these vape pens sell each day, the problem can't be ignored. It can happen and we're here to help you fix your Atmos or AGO vaporizer heating chamber and battery.

After dealing with so many vape pens for so long, we have narrowed down some very simple solutions that may just work for you. We've gotten it down to an (almost) science, so try these tips out first before shelling out another chunk of change for a replacement vape part.

The battery is the easiest thing to fix and the first thing you should look at. Let's start there.

Fixing Your Atmos Battery

When it comes to the Atmos battery, based on working on dozens of cases, we've narrowed down the problem to 3 common culprits, some easy to solve, others less so. 

1. Make Sure Your Vape Pen Battery Is On

Yes, it can actually be that simple. An often-overlooked feature of the Atmos vaporizer batteries is that 5 rapid clicks of the power button will turn the device on and off. It's possible you may have turned your battery off without even noticing it, causing it not to power your heating chamber. Turn that battery on and get back to vaping!

Tip: You'll know if the vape battery is on because pressing and holding down the power button will cause the button and bottom of the battery to light up. 

2. Closing the Connection

The second most common problem with the battery is that, if screwed in too tightly to either the power cable or a different device, the circular connecting pin at the top of the battery can get pushed down too far. This is a very easy fix though.

Here's what you do:

  • Take your dab tool and wedge it between the top, circular pin at the top of the battery and the outer edge
  • Push the connecting pin upwards, using the packing tool as a lever
  • Pull the pin up evenly on all sides. The fastest way to do this is to simply spin the battery around while holding the packing tool in place (as the battery rotates around, the packing tool with instantly lift the connecting pin on all sides with on quick rotation)

Tip: To prevent this from happening, be careful when connecting the battery to the heating chamber or the USB charging device.  DO NOT screw the battery too tightly into either or it can cause the connecting pin to get lowered. 

It only takes about 5 seconds once you get the hang of it. It's easier when you see it, so check out this video below:

3. The Battery Has Been Fried or Died With Age

It's a sad realization, but sometimes your Atmos or even AGO vape battery may eventually die for several reasons. Just an FYI, AGO vape parts are compatible with Atmos Vape Parts.  Our new AGO vape parts are excellent quality and rarely ever break. It has a few extra features such as an LCD Screen, Puff Counter, and Battery meter.  We'd be shocked to hear that you had a battery issue with our AGO G5 vape pen. Please reach out to our support team in case you're having trouble and we'll be happy to assist you.

Tip: Avoid placing any objects other than the glass screens and your dry herbs or wax inside the heating chamber to prevent short circuiting the battery. Never power the Atmos device while the dab tool or any other metallic objects are in the chamber. 

AGO G5 Chambers

Fixing an Atmos Heating Chamber

If you've ruled the battery out as the reason the heating chamber isn't heating up, then go straight to the source: the heating chamber itself. The heating chamber is a little trickier to fix, and it's not an exact science. However, we've still fixed pretty much every heating chamber that's come our way using this method (and according to the YouTube comments, so have many others!).

When trying this technique, the important thing to remember is that the vape coil of the Atmos heating chamber is still on your side. It's your friend. Don't be too rough with the little guy, or you could do some serious, irrevocable damage. Be very gentle with this technique--it's just about applying pressure to the coil, not wrangling it to death.

The premise behind this solution is that the vape coils sometimes get pulled away from the connecting pins inside the chamber, preventing the electric current from the battery to flow through and heat up the vape pen coil. The solution is to nudge the coil back onto the connecting pin.

Here's What to Do:

  • 1. Start by grabbing something like a toothpick or paper clip. You want something small enough to gently nudge the vape pen coils.
  • 2. Look carefully inside the heating chamber. The heating coil spirals out from the middle, but along the outer wall of the chamber, you should see two small metallic pins where the coil connects.
  • 3. You want to gently push the heating vape pen coil down on these pins. 
  • 4. Sometimes, it also helps to place the paper clip or toothpick in the center of the coil and nudge the entire coil *slightly* in different directions. Spacing it out like this seems to help as well.
  • Tip: Avoid being too rough with your atomizer when cleaning the device. Remove finished herbs by simply tapping the side of the chamber or blowing into the chamber. Avoid touching the heating coil with the packing tool as much as possible.

    So this is by no means an exact science, but it works in many cases. Again, seeing it in action is a more helpful way to learn, so check out this video below:

    So those are our tips for quickly (and inexpensively) fixing your batteries and heating chambers. Before paying for a replacement vape part, be sure to try these steps. The worst that could happen is break an already broken device, right?

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