Atmos Astra Vaporizer Review

I'm not going to beat around the bush: the Atmos Astra is the best vaporizer from Atmos to date. That includes the Rx, R2 (and the new R2), and even the recent true vaporizers, the Orbit, Boss, and Transporter. So what makes the Astra so attractive? We will break it down.

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  • What makes the Astra Vape Great

    Atmos made huge strides in providing enjoyable vaping experiences with the recent Boss, Transporter, and Orbit. However, each of those devices is missing one important feature of the other true vaporizers on the market: the ability to adjust the temperature setting. With the Astra, you have 5 temperatures to choose from. You can start your session low, at 356 degrees Fahrenheit, and gradually increase the temperature, and therefore the vapor, through 374, 392, 410, and finally, 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Sure, it's not digital controls like the Da Vinci Ascent, but it's hitting all the right spots. And at 428 degrees, you'll churn out ample vapor. Temperature settings are, without a doubt, the biggest improvement.

    Atmos Astra temperature settings

    Whatever your preference, the Astra has you covered.

    Discreet, Compact Vape

    Temperature settings mark a big improvement, but size also matters. We call them "portable" vaporizers after all. The Astra similar in size to a Titan 1 or Pinnacle Pro. It has the same form factor as well. It's not quite as slim as the Boss (and certainly not the Rx), but it's much more portable than the Orbit. Considering you get a more robust package with the Astra, and in a smaller package than the Orbit, the Astra's size is definitely worth noting. It will fit in a normal-sized jeans pocket with no problem at all. 

    Atmos Astra size

    At 6.25 inches by about 0.75 inches, the Astra can tag along almost anywhere

    3-in-1 Vaping

    Type "3-in-1 v" into Google, and it will finish your sentence with "vape pen" or "vaporizer" (or maybe it's just my search history). Regardless, a 3-in-1 solution (for herbs, wax/concentrates, and oils) has been a popular pursuit. Other companies and manufacturers have found clever ways to address the demand, and Atmos rightfully follows suit by including a wax and oil cup. With the Astra Vape, you have the option to vaporize dry herbs by packing them directly into the heating chamber or load your concentrates or oils into the wax cup included to vape those materials. It's a simple, yet effective solution.

    Atmos Astra accessories

    The wax cup is the second accessory on the left. Also notice, no exposed heating element in the chamber (3rd from left).

    Vaporizer Built to last

    The Astra is a solid design, as well. The chamber is stainless steel for nice-tasting vapor, but what's on the outside counts, too. It feels durable without being too heavy. I wouldn't be afraid to drop it like I might with other vaporizers. The chamber and mouthpiece are also extremely easy to clean out--and the mouthpiece has two types of filters at the bottom to prevent excess build up (one solid filter at the base, followed by a mesh screen above it). Another surprising advantage about this portable dry herb vaporizer is the choice to make the internal battery replaceable. The benefits are two-fold. First, if you have an extra battery by any chance, you can always have a fully charged battery ready to go. But thinking long-term, if anything should ever happen to the battery, or should it wear out over time, all you have to do is replace the batter--not the entire device. Definitely a plus.

    Atmos Astra vaporizer kit

    Atmos Astra Vaporizer Conclusion

    Atmos has made very careful decisions with the Astra, and it pays off for the end-user. The breadth of features is what you should expect from a modern vaporizer, and it delivers. While the price tag is slightly higher than the other Atmos models, if you have it to spare, I recommend the Astra over the others. If Atmos keeps bringing improved products like this to the table, we're all in for a treat.