Why Vapers and Smokers Need an Herb Grinder

Smokers and vapers have different tools that they use in consuming their favorite botanicals, and the herb grinder is one the most important. If you are a dry herb consumer and want to maximize your materials, using an herb grinder can help you make the most out of your sessions.

Today, we will talk about that and more.

What is an Herb Grinder?

An herb grinder — often called just a “grinder” — is a tool used by dry herb consumers to break down their botanicals into smaller pieces. It can be made from a wide variety of materials (metal, wood, and plastic) and can be had in different sizes.

The idea behind grinding the herbs is that the plant matter reacts better to heat when they are shredded into smaller parts.

History tells us that early smokers break down the herbs by hand. And while it’s an effective means of breaking the buds, it does have some downsides of its own. The trichomes found in the pollen of the flowers stick to your fingers, therefore, reducing the efficacy and potency of the herbs.

Scissors or knives have also been used to cut the herbs, but consumers knew there had to be a better way. This brings us to why both smokers and vapers alike need to use an herb grinder.

Reasons Why You Need an Herb Grinder

Grinds dry herbs with minimal (to no) waste

Granted you will have to use your hands when transferring the herbs from the container to the grinder but using an herb grinder to cut down your herbs minimizes the instances where your hands will come into contact with the material.

This means that there will be fewer chances that the pollen can stick to your fingers (perfect for consumers with sweaty hands), which prevents waste and ensures that you preserve the potency of your herbs.

Speaking of which, one of the features of an herb grinder is the pollen catcher. Grinders have small screens that catch the pollen or “kief” that carries some of the most potent cannabinoids your buds have to offer.

The pollen collected using the grinder can be used as an add-on for when rolling the herbs on paper or for when you are packing them in a vaporizer. In some cases, they can be used as food additives to infuse your food or your beverages with the benefits of your herbs.

This allows you to enjoy both the therapeutic and psychoactive benefits of your favorite botanical plant matter.

Can be used as Herb Storage Container

Many consumers, especially those who are always on the go, use herb containers to carry their materials when they are out and about. Having an herb container means that the herbs will not spill out inside your bag or let out their distinct smell which happens when you put them inside a plastic bag.

Because some herb grinders, like the 4-piece,  offers an enclosed space that makes for a perfect portable storage container for your ground botanical plant matter. Not only will it grind your herbs, but it will keep them safe and secure until the time you have to start vaping or smoking.

Other grinders are even made specifically to provide additional storage space where you can keep ground herbs whether at home or on the go.

An Even Grind Provides an Even Burn

Getting an uneven burn is a common problem when consuming nuggety herbs. In most cases, the exterior of the bud gets burned while the core of the plant matter remains fresh and green. This is typically solved by constantly stirring the contents of the herb chamber while vaping, but it could be a hassle, especially when you are consuming your herbs on the go.

When you grind your herbs using an herb grinder, they are cut down into smaller pieces which ensures that the bowl, joint, or chamber you pack will burn and vaporize evenly.

That said, many consumers see to it that they grind their botanicals especially when they use convection vaporizers like the Titan 2 Vaporizer from Dark Side Vapes. Ground herbs will allow air to easily saturate the chamber and produce high-quality vapors. This way, there will be less waste as all of the dry herbs you consume will be vaporized.

Ease and Convenience of a Grind

Another reason why many consumers opt for grinders instead of manually cutting or breaking the buds is convenience. The steps involved in grinding the herbs using an herb grinder are simple and allows even beginners and first-time users to grind their herbs like a pro.

All you need to do is to place the herb in the grinder, give it a few twists, and you are good to go. Some consumers prefer to grind their botanicals longer to achieve a finer grind while those who look for a coarse finish will just give the tool a few turns.

Compared to using your bare hands, cutting it with a scissor or a knife, and even other grinding alternatives like a grater, using a grinder is easier while doing a better job.

Easy to Maintain for Long Periods

And while we are still on the topic of convenience. Cleaning and maintaining an herb grinder is also easy. Some grinders are finished with a non-stick coating which means you can simply use a brush to lightly graze the surface and clean the grinder. Other methods, like freezing your herb grinder, also make it easy to clean your tool and deal with those hard-to-remove buildups.

Final words for Smokers and Vapers

Herb grinding is considered the cornerstone of successful vaping and smoking. It offers consumers a wide range of benefits and allows them to reap the benefits of their herbs in more ways than one.

If you are a smoker or a vaper, investing in a good quality grinder can be the best decision you can make. It will improve your sessions and will allow you to use as little material while maximizing the results.

Many herb grinders are offered online so be sure to buy from a trusted store, like Vapevetstore.com. They sell authentic and original products like vaporizers and of course, grinders.

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