Who and What Are Vapes Meant For?

Who Vapes?

A lot of people vape for various reasons. Some enjoy it as a recreational hobby, while others see it as a medical necessity. Others still might view vaping as a novelty of sorts, relegating vapes and their accessories as collector’s items or fun with their friends. Most users (especially nowadays) will see vaping as a personal endeavor that requires nobody else to be enjoyed.

So Many Different Vapers

You can find a plethora of vape users ranging in age, culture, professional background, and medical history. While vaping is best kept away from youths and highly discouraged among teens, those with medical needs can find a healthy alternative regardless of background history. Many cannot ingest certain medications in pill form, in which case vapes provide an ideal solution.

It is not uncommon to find people from all walks of life indulging in vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking and those looking to quit smoking altogether. Doctors, lawyers, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, friends… Lots of people vape, and for many reasons! Just think about it. Why do you vape?

What Are the Practical Uses of Vaping?

One of the best uses for a vaporizer, aside from quitting the bad habit of smoking, is targeted towards medical patients. There are many who cannot smoke or otherwise thoroughly digest certain foods and medications, let alone smoke. In fact, when it comes to the health and well-being of a patient who may be sick, it makes little sense to recommend that they start to smoke.

Vapes Have Come a Long Way

Unfortunately, smoking certain herbs can be quite beneficial, though healthy users will hardly encounter a problem in doing so, at least in the short term. Heating up dry herbs is the best way to extract their compounds. Combustion has been the main method of doing this for thousands of years. Fortunately, nowadays, vapes are easy to come by and we have mastered vaping as an effective method for dry herb extraction.

It goes without saying that vaping is also much more practical for recreational users in terms of financial stability. Instead of spending money on lighters, butane, matches, pipes, bongs, cleaning solvents, and other disposable accessories that are not meant to last, vape users find practicality through simplicity. Vapes use rechargeable batteries, are durable, need minimal maintenance and only require replacement parts every so often.

Why Vapes Are Better

Unlike smoking which leaves a trail and a lingering odor, vapes are discreet and can be used on the fly with minimal traces. Even powerful box mods like the SteamCloud Box Mod, which produce massive vape clouds, pale in comparison to smoke in terms of lasting evidence. This is important if you are trying to medicate without attracting unwanted attention. Family, neighbors, even complete strangers on the street need not know about your business when it comes to your personal activities.

Convenient Vaping

When people smoke from a pipe or other traditional smoking apparatus, one has to manually crush and grind the dry herbs. You can see how this can pose a problem to a medical patient for example, who might suffer from joint pain, arthritis, or other problems which could render their strength to a minimum. By design, vaping alleviates all of that.

Vapes are superior to other methods of consumption based on their convenience and ease of use. Instead of carrying around extras, one can simply walk around with a simple unit in their purse or pocket and vape at any given moment. You can tailor your sessions, unlike smoking which usually must be consumed all in one go.

Who Are Vapes Meant For

Anyone of legal age who can possess one! Vaping remains the most popular form of oil and dry herb consumption in the world. In fact, most oil vapes on the market are fully compatible with e-juice and other flavored liquids. This is especially important for those who are looking to quit the habit of smoking.

Combustion and Convection Vape Options

One of the best features of a vaporizer that is capable of smoking, like the AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer, is the fact that it can smoke dry herbs, as well as vaporizers dry herbs. This is especially useful for smokers and former smokers who wish to transition or switch modalities at will. Users of the AGO will be pleased to know that with the addition of a simple glass piece, their device can turn into a convection vape!

Vapes like this are versatile and require no external accessories or components to operate. From a health perspective, it makes sense that those who wish to cut down on smoking can opt for a vape such as this. Without having to light your dry herbs with chemicals from a lighter, taking small steps to better your health is a great starting point, with hybrid vapes such as this on the forefront of medical intervention.

Closing Thoughts

Some people like to vape just for fun and given today’s social climate in the midst of a global pandemic, there is no better time to enjoy yourself. Vaping is one of society’s favorite pastimes, replacing smoking as the preferred method of herbal consumption. Easing those into transitioning to less harmful habits of smoking is just one example of how vaping is far safer than any other methods of consumption that utilize heat as an extraction process.

Vaping in Public and Private

It is now socially acceptable to vaporize in public, and in private. While society is still coming to grips with COVID-19, great strides have been taken to ensure that vaping is here to stay. Whether enjoyed alone or with others, it is wise to remember that life will eventually come back to a sense of normalcy, and that it is highly advisable to not share vaping devices until the threat of infection has concluded.

Everybody has been affected by this, and there are lots of people who enjoy vaporizing. Elderly folks, pillars of the community, even those in the military and law enforcement recognize the health benefits that vaporizers play in society. It is only a matter of time before vaping becomes the preferred method of consumption, leaving behind the bad habit of smoking that has plagued the health of people since the dawn of humanity.

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