What is the Most Discreet and Portable Vaporizer?

The number of unique preferences when it comes to vaping is practically limitless. Each person has his/her own needs from potency to portability to discretion. A chief reason for why many people switch to vaping is its discreet nature when compared to traditional smoking.

With a solid portable and discreet vaporizer, you can enjoy vaping in numerous locales while simultaneously flying under the radar. In this article we will discuss some of the best discreet vaporizers on the market today. At the end, we hope you will have found a possible option that perfectly suits your portability and discretion needs.

Yocan Evolve portable vaporizer

Vape Pens

Few vaporizers on the market today can match the portability and discreet nature of vape pens. They are small, sleek and incredibly straightforward in their use. Regardless of the material you plan on vaping, from wax to oil to dry herbs, there will most likely be a vape pen on the market that is capable of meeting your needs.

A few examples of discreet and portable vape pens are the Yocan Stix, G Pen Nova, AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer as well as the Yocan Evolve Dry Herb Pen. Each of these options are designed to suit the specific needs of each user, from wax to dry herbs. At the end of the day, all of these options are sleek, affordable and will be discreet when compared to traditional smoking. There is no contest.

Box Mod Vapes

Contrary to popular belief, box mods can be quite portable and discreet depending on the intended purpose. One can find box mods capable of handling dry herbs, waxes, oils and e-liquids. Some offer greater battery power while others place a premium on functionality and minimal design. In all, box mods have a great deal to offer if you are looking for a portable and discreet vaporizer.

Take the Yocan Uni for instance. It is both affordable and discreet. Plus, it offers functionality for most standard 510-thread cartridges, which allow users to vape whatever material they wish regardless of the mod itself. Other discreet box mods include the SteamCloud Box Mod as well as the Joyetech Cuboid, both of which will easily fit into a pocket or backpack.

If you are looking for something that will offer greater power and functionality without sacrificing portability, then box mods are definitely worth considering.

Most Discreet and Portable Vaporizer in the world

What to Avoid

If discreet portability is your ultimate goal, you will want to avoid desktop vaporizers as they are both large and lack portability. While these vaporizers offer unparalled power and their own unique vaping experience, they are not designed for taking on hikes or bringing to festivals. Rather, they are designed for at-home use amongst a group of friends. Thus, this is one category of vaporizer we recommend portability enthusiasts avoid.

Wrapping Up

In all, there TONS of options at one’s fingertips when it comes to portable and discreet vaporizers, from box mods to vape pens. Each style of vaporizer has its own pros and cons and comes down to the personal preference of the user themselves.

For example, one user may prioritize potency and functionality more so than pure portability and discretion. Indeed, there is a balance to be had when considering each style of vaporizer. On the other hand, there are plenty of vaping enthusiasts who prefer the sheer simplicity of vape pens. They are straightforward, require less hands-on learning and can pulled in and out of a pocked in a cinch.

In conclusion, we urge shoppers to always keep their personal preferences in mind, not the preferences of friends and other users. At the end of the day, vaping is a purely subjective endeavor.

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