What is the Best Herb Grinder?

In the marketplace of herb grinders, it will quickly become clear that not all products are created equal. There are some grinders that will perform their task admirably, while others will leave you disappointed. Unfortunately, the task of picking out the “best” grinder is not as straightforward as you would like. Even if you group all of the high-quality grinders together, their features and design vary so much you will end up feeling like you are comparing apples and oranges.

Why Do you Need a Grinder?

Before you even decide on the kind of grinder you want, you may be wondering why you need a grinder at all. The reason is simple: whether you are using dry herbs with papers, in a pipe, or in a dry herb vape pen, herbs that have been ground allow air to pass through more easily and burn more evenly. The results are better tasting draws and longer smoke sessions.

Grinders and Kief

Another reason many use herb grinders is to more easily get access to kief. Kief is the fine, dry dust that is produced when grinding dry herbs and is known for its concentrated, pure taste. It is considered by many to be the best part of smoking dry herb, and many grinders are made to harvest kief easily best used for dry herb vaporizersalso.

Regardless of the specific reason you are looking to grind dry herbs, the best way to find the best herb grinder is to match the one that most closely matches your needs and wants. Below, we will detail several different kinds of herb grinders and their respective specialties. Read through and see which ones best fit what you need out of an herb grinder!

Best Type of Herb Grinder

The following are the most common designs of herb grinders you will find on the market. They are listed in no particular order, as they each have their own respective specialties. 

4 Piece Herb Grinders

4 Piece Herb Grinder

The 4-piece herb grinder is one of the most common models of herb grinders you will find, and for good reason. They are simple, easy to use, but cover nearly all of what most people would want out of a grinder. The first and second pieces are the parts that shred and grind your dry herb. The third is a special container that neatly holds your freshly ground herb. The fourth is a compartment called a kief catcher (you may also see this referred to as a “pollen catcher”). 4 piece herb grinders are great “all-in-one” devices that make them ideal for both beginners and veterans alike.

2-Piece Herb Grinder

Unlike the aforementioned 4 piece herb grinder, a 2 piece herb grinder is smaller and more compact. The lack both a holding compartment for your dry herb as well as a kief catcher, so they are only going to be able to grind and shred your herbs. This may be less convenient for home use, but their small, compact size makes it ideal for those who are traveling or simply like the more course grind they often provide.

Electric Herb Grinder

Electric herb grinders come in all kinds of designs. Some vibrate, which helps to separate the ground herb from the kief. Some have electric blades, meaning they can grind your herbs at the touch of a button. Some are a combination of the two, while others are attachments onto full dry herb vape pens. They generally will be more expensive than manual grinders, but they produce a more consistent grind. They make grinding a quick and easy process!

Clear Top Herb Grinder

As the name implies, clear top herb grinders have a transparent top that allows you to see the dry herb as you are grinding it. This is a great way to keep a real-time eye on your herb to make sure it is being ground to the exact consistency that you prefer. Sharpstone makes some of the best clear top grinders. 

Hand Crank Herb Grinder

Hand Crank Herb Grinder

Hand crank herb grinders are ideal grinders for those that have a hard time gripping things. They allow for easy dry herb grinding with a soft grip. Being a hand crank style, you do not want to overfill the grinder or use particularly dense nugs, as this can break the herb grinder. However, when used with this consideration, a hand crank grinder can do a great job of grinding down your dry herb.

Silicone Herb Grinder

Silicone Herb Grinder and Glass Spoon Pipe

Silicone herb grinders excel in a lot of different facets. Their blades generally are designed to cut through even the densest of nugs, and their silicone body is ideal for cleaning up debris and catching kief. They can also be easily disassembled, so you will not have to worry about embedded layers like you would see on all-metal grinders.

Death Star Herb Grinder

Death Star Herb Grinder

Though you will not be able to suppress many rebellions with this herb grinder, it does stand as a great example of an herb grinder that is more than just a useful tool. Herb grinders can come in all different kinds of shapes and designs. If you want a grinder that has a cool design, there is likely a grinder, like the Death Star Herb Grinder, that will fit your fancy!

Best Herb Grinder for Vaporizers

The exact herb grinder you end up with is largely going to be dependent on your specific needs and wants, but we can help point you in the right direction for vaporizers. Vape pens work best when the dry herb is finely ground, which allows for both even burning and easy airflow. 4 piece grinders are ideal for this, compared to 2 piece grinders, as they are able to achieve a much finer grind. 4 piece grinders also act as a catch tray for when you load dry herb into your vaporizer, helping you avoid wasting herb and making messes. Even though some herb grinders look really cool, you need to be sure to choose function over form with a vaporizer.

Best Grinder for Kief

Silicone Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher

As with the best herb grinders for vaporizers, the best grinder for kief will vary depending on what exactly you need. However, there are a few choices that are ideal standouts from other kinds of grinders. 4 piece grinders are a popular choice as they usually include a kief catcher (a feature that many other kinds of grinders lack entirely). The separate piece to catch the kief is paramount in being able to collect it at all.

However, if you are serious about collecting and using kief on a regular basis, vibrating grinders stand head and shoulders above other choices. Their vibrating features separate the kief before it gets a chance to stick, meaning that your kief will build up faster. If smoking kief is a priority for you, then a vibrating grinder is an absolute must.

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