What Dab Containers Do You Need For Summer?

Whether you’re packing up for a camping trip or headed out for summer sightseeing, it can be tricky to pack everything you need to dab along the way. However, the devices used to smoke or vape wax are advancing every day and becoming more portable than ever before. When dabbing first entered the scene, it required a specialized dab rig, blow torch, dab tools, and a clever way to store your wax. However, these days all you need is an e-rig, dab tool, and a dab container filled with your favorite concentrate to dab during summer adventures.

A Must Have for Wax Owners

A dab container is very simple in design but incredibly useful to have if you like to dab on the go or at home. Read on to learn more about your options when it comes to containers to store your precious wax in, and what makes some of these stand out during the summertime over the rest.

What is A Dab Container?

Let’s start with explaining exactly what a dab container is. This dabbing tool is designed to store wax and keep it fresh for whenever you are ready to dab. These containers are normally small and made with food-grade, non-stick, heat-resistant silicone, but come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Wax is also sold in dab containers made out of borosilicate glass or plastic, but these types of containers are not ideal for long term storage. The material dab containers are made with is perfect for interacting with wax because no matter how sticky the wax is, it will not stick to silicone. It is easy to scrape a bit of wax out of these containers with a dab tool, or use them with a nectar collector or dab pen to dab directly out of. Because the silicone is heat-resistant there are no worries about the container melting while dabbing out of it, or melting into your wax on a hot day.

Dab containers are designed to help keep your wax collection organized and fresh, when stored in a cool and dark location. Although people mainly use dab containers for this purpose, these handy containers can also be used to store beauty products such as CBD balm or a homemade lip scrub. Once you have a handful of dab containers in your life, you might be surprised about how many different ways you can use them.

What Makes A Good Dab Container?

When it comes to dab containers, there are a few design features that make some containers stand out from the rest. Silicone is the preferred material for many dabbers because of its durability, functionality, and heat-resistant properties. A silicone dab container is almost essential if you use a dab pen or nectar collector too. Wax tends to stick to containers made of glass or plastic, and these containers can break easily too when tossed around in the bottom of a bag.

Choose a Container that Fits Your Style

There is no perfect type of wax container for everyone. Which one fits you best will come down to your personal preferences and style. Some containers have multiple compartments for storing multiple types of wax, which are perfect for wax connoisseurs. But if you have a large wax collection and a small place to store it, there are stackable wax containers that are designed just for you. However, the most common type of dab container is a simple round silicone container that can easily hold about a gram of wax. It is simple, but incredibly functional and necessary to have if you like to dab.

What Are the Best Dab Containers For Summer?

When it comes to choosing the perfect dab container for the summertime though, there are a few other factors to consider. Your container should be durable, easy to transport, and have a touch of flair to show off to your friends. Although a basic dab container will serve the purpose, it doesn’t hurt to get a dab container that fits your style and dab rig perfectly. A great dab container can spark conversation before a session and simultaneously serve a functional purpose. Here are some suggestions for dab containers with lots of function and a touch of flair for the summer.

Honey Jar Dab Container

View the Honey Jar Dab Container here

A fan favorite is the dab container shaped like a honey jar. It is super cute and can hold seven grams of wax, and seals tight with a lid jar to keep it fresh. This container is made entirely of food-grade non-stick silicone that is also heat resistant. It comes in two colors, red or purple, and conveniently includes a stainless steel dab tool too. This container is designed to hold large amounts of wax, but is not the best design for dabbing out of with a dab pen or nectar collector. Once you power through your stash you can easily clean out the container by hand with soap and water or put it through the dishwasher.

Honey Bee Hex Silicone Dab Container

View the Honey Bee Hex Dab Container here

If you want a smaller dab container to match the large honey jar, then the honey bee hex dab container is an obvious option. The honey bee honeycomb design matches the honey jar perfectly in theme, and is a bit smaller and easier to use a dab pen or nectar collector with. It can still hold up to five grams of wax, and is made of non-stick, heat-resistant silicone.

Flat Pocket Wax Dab Containers

View Flat Pocket Dab Containers here

If you are looking for the ultimate portable dab container to pack up for your summer adventures, then look no further than the flat pocket dab container. Although this container appears to be a makeup package, it is actually a flat plastic container with a food-grade silicone lining. There is a plastic clip that seals the container tight, so that no wax leaks out of the corners and into your bag. The silicone lining is easy to wash out in between uses, so that each new dab you load in stays tasting fresh.

Lego Dab Containers for Wax

View Lego Dab Containers here

If you love playing with Legos as much as you love dabbing, then the long lego dab container is perfect for you. This container not only looks like a beloved lego building block, but it also can stack on top of other lego dab containers. As if that’s not cool enough, this long dab container has seven separate compartments hidden under the lid, so that you can separate and store different types of wax in one container. Since it is made with food-grade, heat-resistant silicone, you can dab straight out of this dab container with a nectar collector or dab pen. This container comes in two color options and includes a stainless steel dab tool to store with your lego container.

Buy Dab Containers in Bulk

View Colorful Dab Containers in Bulk

If you are someone who loves to color code things and organize them meticulously, then ordering a bulk sized batch of standard dab containers might be the best fit for you. These dab containers are the most common and come in a wide variety of colors. Each container holds about 5ml of wax with a securely fastening lid. They are made of food-grade, heat-resistant, non-stick silicone and the best containers to use with a nectar dab pen, since it’s easy to reach every corner of the container. These bulk containers come in packs of 25, 50, or 100, depending on how crazy you want to get with your organization. When you order in bulk though, you’re sure to not run out of dab containers for a long time, no matter how many you might misplace.

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