Vapes that Roll vs Vapes that Don’t Roll

Vapes that Roll

When we look at a good quality vape, we often go for product features that ensure we will have a pleasurable experience. The efficiency of having accurate temperature gauges and proper voltage outputs, long-lasting batteries and a sleek design are all things that make for a great vaping session. One of the more overlooked aspects of this is in the design of the vape itself. More often than not, we fail to give this consideration, as long as it gets the job done.

However, this can be a costly thing to overlook, especially when you are either prone to having accidents or even around newbies and pets. A simple knock on the table where you have a vape can mean game-over for your session if your vape rolls off the table. Dry herb vapes like the Titan 1 are a great example of a high-quality vape with a semi-round design.

The Titan 1 Vape

The Titan 1 dry herb vaporizer is circular with one crucial feature: it has a curved face that is flat enough to rest on a table. The potential issue here is that because it has curved corners, it will act much like a fully rounded vape if close enough to the edge of a table. Fortunately, the Titan 1 vape has a flat face that can help mitigate a roll off the table at long distances, depending on how it was moved.

Unlike other vapes on the market that are fully rounded with maybe only a button to act as a “speed bump,” the Titan 1 features an ergonomic design that is as comfortable as a rounded vape, with an upgraded feature to prevent complete roll-offs from a table. Let’s face it, we usually vape and have a table close by to create comfort and convenience during a session. Using a vape like this can save you time, money, and headaches by considering how strictly round vapes are easy to roll off a table and break.

Vapes that Don’t Roll

One of the finer aspects about having a vape that is not totally rounded is how easy they are to lay flat on virtually any surface without the threat of rolling off from bumps on a table, or even a strong gust of moving air. Some people vape outside on patios for instance, and all it takes is a sudden gust of wind to kill a good vape session. Meet the Titan 2, an upgraded version of the Titan 1.

With all the perks of its predecessor, the Titan 2 dry herb vaporizer has a practical design that is ergonomic and softly squared on all sides, significantly reducing the risk of a fall from a table. Unlike a rounded design, the Titan 2 can be laid flat on any of its sides and remain in place without rolling away. Despite the fact that this vape is light weight, it will not roll unless intentionally thrown across a surface (though we advise you not to try this)!

The Titan 2 Vape

Because the Titan 2 features all the same great functions of the Titan 1, this upgraded design is a hallmark of a truly innovative vape from a company that understands practicality. No more worrying about having a great vaporizer run the risk of falling off a table due to an honest mistake or an act of nature. Believe it or not, a vape rolling off the table happens more often than you think. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of why people end up having to replace their portable vaporizers altogether.

There are many great vape brands and models on the market that feature the all-round design. Unfortunately, many are bought and replaced due to this very issue. While it is not necessarily a flaw, it boils down to personal aesthetic choice. However, it cannot be denied that having a vape that is not entirely rounded would simply be more ideal in any vape setting.

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to get a rounded vape like the Titan 1 or a squared champ like the Titan 2, you can rest assured that both models are inherently designed to mitigate falling issues. Unlike other vapes that are simplistically round, a vape like the Titan 1 vaporizer is designed to please this aesthetic demand while remaining practical. While it is mostly rounded and smooth, the face is flat to create a rest-stop.

While it is the Titan 2’s predecessor, it is highly recommended for those who are able to maintain an awareness of its design to prevent it from rolling off a table. It is suited towards beginners and seasoned vapers alike, though its design implies that the user can maintain its integrity through mindful planning and awareness.

Final Thoughts

The Titan 2 on the other hand is also meant for pros and newbies, though without the inherent concern of having an all-rounded design that could be prone to accidents. Coupled with its upgraded apparatus, the Titan 2 vape is the more ideal vape between the two in terms of preventing breaks and falls from rolling off a table. While the vaping world is vast and full of competing brands, the Titan series of portable vaporizers remain one of the most reliable and efficient brands for vaping dry herbs.

With the customer in mind, you can rest assured that a Titan vape will last you a long time without falling off a table. If you ever find that the life of your vape has been spent after years of usage, it is a sure bet that its final words were that it was not an accident! Happy vaping.

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