The Different Types of Smoking Pipes

Like modern-day vaporizers, smoking pipes do come in many forms. From traditional glass pipes to more modern ones made out of silicone, we are going to list down its different varieties so you can pick the best pipe for your next session.

Before we begin, all the pipes we will be covering are available at With that out of the way, let us start our smoking pipe census.

  1. Glass Smoking Pipes

Glass pipes are one of the most sought-after pipes by many smokers because of how well they preserve the ingredients in your herbs. Thanks to its inert properties, glass does not leave any weird taste in the smoke - like that of plastic or metal. This means that whatever taste and aroma your herbs have to offer is not affected by glass. Furthermore, it does not have any immediate chemical reaction to heat which means that it does not give off any toxic effect when used as a pipe.

Glass pipes have their own sub-types having been shaped and hand-blown into different shapes and sizes. One of the more popular varieties are chillum pipes because they allow smokers to discreetly smoke their flowers. These smoking pipes can be the size of your finger and can be twice or thrice its size. Another cool glass pipe variety are spoon pipes. Like chillums, they can also be very small and stealthy. They can hold a decent number of herbs making both small glass pipes legitimate one-hitters along with great dry herb vaporizers and vape pens.

If you want a little less stealthy, you can go for glass bongs. They are perfect for when you like to have a quick session at home because they are typically large and would require water. The water in your bong can help filter impurities and irritants from the smoke which can make for a better experience. The water also helps cool down the smoke, making it a little less harsh. Bubblers are another glass pipe variety. They are like bongs but are smaller. They also require water so you still get the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning.

Care to try something out of the ordinary? You can try glass sherlock pipes. The big advantage of sherlock pipes is that you are less likely to inhale ground botanicals, on top of looking like you are to solve your next big case.

wooden dugout pipe purple background
  1. Wooden Smoking Pipes 

Ah! The good old-fashioned smell of wood. Wood pipes span a wide variety of styles and designs and although different smokers will tend to have mixed opinions about using a wooden pipe, no one can deny the air of class and sophistication they bring to your daily sessions.

Like glass pipes, wooden pipes also have their varieties with the dugout pipes being the most common. Dugout pipes are box-shaped containers that will have a small one-hitter used to smoke the herbs you keep in it. An advantage of using a dugout pipe is that it minimizes the need to touch the herbs, which could preserve the trichomes in them. Also, compared to glass, they tend to last longer and are rather more portable. Moreover, you know that you are inhaling a natural product, because like glass, wood will not have any toxic effect that can rub off on your ground herbs and on the smoke, it produces - although it may leave a distinct woody flavor when you keep your herbs too long.

That said wooden pipes, like dugout pipes, can be a pain to keep clean. Being grainy with small porous surfaces, your typical pipe cleaning solution will not work on a wooden pipe. You will have to use relatively traditional means to keep it clean. Speaking of which, the need to keep wooden pipes clean is also paramount as it can easily gather resinous buildup rather quickly. 

A quick pro tip though, the type of wood you select when buying a wooden pipe can affect the flavor of your smoke. So, do not skimp on wood quality as it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Red, White and Blue silicone pipe with blue background
  1. Silicone Smoking Pipes 

Ushering in the new age of smoking, silicone pipes might just as well be the future of smoking. Because silicone can be shaped and molded into just about any shape, the range of design you can get from silicone pipes are astronomical. Silicone can literally be turned into anything from a spoon pipe, to a full-fledged water pipe - your imagination (and your budget) is your only limit.

You do not have to be worried about inhaling harmful smoke when using silicone pipes. The materials used in these pipes are heat resistant and are typically food-grade. They have been tested not to have a negative effect when exposed to heat. Some are even marketed as nearly indestructible silicone pipes.

Silicone pipes will still use some sort of glass to hold the herbs when smoking or the wax concentrates when dabbing. This way the actual silicone is not directly exposed to fire, just the heat.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, silicone pipes are on the easier side. There are a lot of silicone cleaning solutions on the market that you can use to clean your silicone pipe. Because they are almost resistant to high temperature, you can also run hot water over them for a thorough clean.

Silicone pipes have become popular for many smokers, especially for those who are always out and about. You can take them to parties, concerts, and other similar events because they can be thrown, stepped on, pressed against your pocket, and still work like you have just pulled it out of the box.

Three glass and silicone bowls in the head from the many questions from a woman

What Smoking Pipe to Buy?

As we have briefly covered above, different types of smoking pipes offer different kinds of advantages and disadvantages. Glass pipes are great for connoisseurs who are always looking for the purest flavor and aroma from their herbs. Most glass pipes are made out of strong and durable glass, like borosilicate, but they are not indestructible. A little caution must be observed when using glass pipes. If that is something you can overlook, then glass pipes will prove to be a great choice.

On the other hand, wooden pipes are those who like to go all natural, those who enjoy a touch of elegance and exclusivity to their rituals. Because wood imbues its natural flavor and scent into the herbs, it adds a little twist to your smoking sessions - not to mention how snappy and swanky you look sporting a wooden pipe. It may be tough to maintain, but if you are vigilant about keeping your wooden pipe clean, you will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Lastly, silicone pipes are for the adventurous and the outgoing. Because they are nearly indestructible, you can literally take a silicone pipe anywhere you go. You can take it when you go camping in the woods or when you go out for beach escapades. A silicone pipe can keep up with your demanding and active lifestyle.

man smoking large glass smoking pipe

Smoking Pipe Takeaways

If you are in any of these categories, then this will help you choose a smoking pipe that fits your needs. Whether you are a home body or someone who is always on-the-go, there will always be a smoking pipe for you.

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