Silicone vs. Glass Water Bongs: Which is Better?

Water Bongs from Glass to Silicone

If you have ever been invited to a smoking session you know for sure that a bong is always present. Whether made out of silicone or glass, this smoking device is a part of every party. A bong unites beginner and experienced smokers alike, making fun and enjoyable memories together. Now you have decided that it is time for you to join in on the fun and get one for yourself. But the thing is, you cannot decide what to choose between a glass bong or a silicone bong. Lucky for you, this guide can help you take your pick so put down that dry herb vaporizer and vape pen and lets talk bongs.

Glass Bong clear with purple stickers with smoke as background

Features to Look at in a Bong

Choosing a bong for yourself can be a big decision to make. Getting the smoking device that complements your needs would define how your smoking experience will be. Whether it is you aim to create lasting memories with peers or smoke outdoors in style, these bongs can make your smoking adventures worth your every while.

To help you further understand the specialties of both a silicone bong and a glass bong, let us dive into the features that you should consider when buying your very own bong.

Quality and Potency of Flavor

A glass bong is the most popular and known type of bong. The experience that a glass bong can give is incomparable to any other material, particularly with how it transforms your smoking material. A glass bong retains the authenticity of your hits. Unlike other bongs, the taste and flavor of your tobacco or dry herb would not get some kind of intervention. When it comes to the quality of smoke it produces, a glass bong is straightforward. It does not impart any undesirable chemicals to your smoke.

You simply cannot beat the overall taste and smoke quality that a glass bong offers that is because of the non-porous nature of glass. It makes no difference how often you use it. Glass bongs produce tastier puffs as long as they are kept clean.

Silicone bongs, on the other hand, can be liable to emit a slight plastic or chemical taste during use but some smokers have concluded that there is not much of a funny taste to it. Just stay cautious and make sure that your torch or flame would only come into contact with the bowl and not the silicone itself to prevent any issues or affect the potency of your hit.

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Convenience and Practicality

Silicone bongs grew popular because of its amazing and wide range of properties that they can offer. Silicone bongs are known to be stable and would not leak toxins out. Unlike glass bongs, this bong is not as fragile or difficult to care for.

A silicone bong is a viable choice for the constant traveler who wants a good smoking encounter while on the road. The highlighting feature of a silicone bong is its malleability. Silicone bongs can even be folded in half and carried on the go. No need for you to worry about it breaking or being crushed when placed in your bag. This bong is light and easy to bring with you anywhere. Another good feature of a silicone bong is how it is an eco-friendly smoking device, unlike the glass bong that leaves a carbon footprint.

Worthwhile Smoking Experience

A silicone bong is a less expensive and more versatile alternative to the traditional glass bongs that smokers all know and love. This bong can withstand extreme temperatures while emitting no harmful chemicals. Silicone is an excellent bong material because of its low toxicity and high heat resistance.

Although, glass bongs have long been the preferred choice of the majority of smokers because they are the least harsh to smoke when compared to bongs made of silicone.

If kept clean, you will be able to taste the freshness of your smoking material with each hit. Glass bongs are also much more appealing than their silicone counterparts in terms of aesthetics. When it comes to using it, a glass bong’s weight is moved downward by the glass feet, which improves the bong's overall stability. This bong would not fall easily as other softer bong material.

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Price Point and Style

Bongs made of glass are often priced based on the time it takes to make. The bigger, more intricate, and more colorful glass pieces are going to take longer to make and, therefore, cost more to buy. With silicone bongs, size and color options are less expensive. The majority of silicone bongs now feature artistic designs. Because of their relative effectiveness, they were able to go against the makes and models of glass bongs.

Glass bongs are usually pricey, and a good piece usually costs more. Purchasing cheaper ones would surely not last long. Silicone bongs offer good quality bongs at the most affordable price. Glass bongs are brittle and do not work well with regular impact. You should expect to pay a little more for high-quality glass. The bulkiness of traditional glass bongs may make them difficult to transport.

When it comes to style, owning a glass bong has cultural significance. The designs range from classic to abstract, and their artistic appeal fits into any home decor. Glass bongs can be transformed into stunning works of art. They can represent a high level of craftsmanship while still costing a lot of money. Silicone pipes can be imaginative, constructed as cool shapes or objects, but not usually a centerpiece like the glass bong. Yet, silicone bongs are designed to be long-lasting, not necessarily one that provides the most stylistic look.

Smoking Pipe Versatility and Durability

Glass bongs are prone to breaking when mishandled or dropped on a concrete and solid surface. While this may not be an issue for a stationary glass bong that is always handled with care, glass bongs that are carried clumsily may lead to such problems. If you go for the glass bong, consider getting one with the thickest glass. The average width is 3 to 5 mm, this can come in handy if you want it to last longer than expected.

Silicone bongs would not break easily. They are known to have high-quality durability that is less prone to any type of breakage, they are the best option for outdoor smoking sessions and other rowdy activities.

When it comes to maintenance, cleaning a glass bong can be a time-consuming task. Silicone bongs make the process go faster. Not only can you put it inside the dishwasher, but many of them can also be broken down into parts. The process for a glass bong can be tricky especially when trying to clean every nook and cranny as one whole package. Also, silicone has the advantage of taking a long time to become dirty. Although the material is typically very opaque, there will never be any discoloration, this can result in a lower quality taste.

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Picking Out the Right Bong for You

A silicone bong or a glass bong both serve you the same purpose of getting a pleasurable smoking experience. If you are on a tight budget, you may opt to settle for a silicone bong, but if you can stretch your wallet a bit, get yourself a sturdy, thick, and high-quality glass bong.

Your first proper bong should be something that looks good and also stays functional. Consider what works best for you and what kind of investment should you want to get. No matter which type of material you decide to go with, both a glass and a silicone bong will provide a satisfying smoking experience. While they may offer different benefits, both can achieve the overall goal and complete the task. Neither is significantly better than the other, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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