Is It Safe To Have A Dispensary Order Delivered?

With the dispensary industry growing rapidly across the United States, it’s hard to keep up with the current products and services. It was almost unbelievable when recreational dispensaries first opened their doors. The convenience for picking up these days is mind-blowing, in comparison to the old days. And the industry only continues to make picking up dry herb, edibles, oil, and wax even easier, with delivery services.

5 Most Common Questions About Dispensary Delivery

That’s right, you can really have your dispensary purchases delivered right to your door, without you ever needing to leave the house. An eighth of dry herb, a pack of CBD edibles, and an oil cartridge can arrive at your door in a matter of minutes. But this raises many valid questions in the eyes of a wary consumer. How does dispensary delivery work and where does it work? Can you place an order for whenever or are there restrictions? And is it even safe to have your dispensary order delivered right to your doorstep? Read on to learn the answers to the top five questions customers have when they place their first dispensary delivery order.

1. How Do Dispensary Delivery Orders Work?

There are a few different ways that dispensaries make delivery orders possible. There are also a few states that have legalized recreational and medical dispensaries but still have not legalized delivery services. There are also some states that only deliver orders from licensed medical dispensaries to licensed medical patients. You should double-check the local laws for dispensaries where you live before you get too excited about placing your next order for delivery.

But if you are lucky enough to live in a state that does allow dispensary orders to be delivered then it is a relatively simple process you need to follow to place your order. First, you need to locate a licensed dispensary that offers delivery services. Not every dispensary in your area will offer delivery, but thankfully there are search engines designed to help find the ones that do. You can use a dispensary directory website, like Leafly, Weedmaps, or Dutchie, to locate the dispensaries closest to you that offer delivery. These platforms also work to verify the licenses for dispensaries so that you know you are ordering from a legal establishment.

How To Place A Delivery Order

Once you’ve located a licensed dispensary near you that offers delivery, you can browse their menu online, select items, and place your order. If you have any questions, you can always give the dispensary a call and speak with a knowledgeable Budtender to help narrow down your options. You cannot normally pay for your order online though, and you should have cash on hand to cover the cost of your order, plus tip. You should receive a confirmation email or text once you have placed your order online or over the phone with a Budtender. Then you just sit back and wait it out. Be sure to have your legal form of identification and cash for payment on hand, ready for when your delivery driver arrives though.

2. Can A Dispensary Order Be Delivered Anywhere?

The next question that you might think of, is if you can get your dispensary order delivered anywhere you are? Does dispensary delivery work like DoorDash, GrubHub, or Postmates? Can you have your order delivered to your office, a park, a hotel room, or a parking lot? The short answer is no.

The long answer involves looking into your state’s regulations on dispensary delivery services. Most states require that dispensary delivery orders must be delivered to a residential home, associated with the customer who placed the order. And if you happen to be traveling, looking into local regulations is even more important.

This regulation also means that if you placed the dispensary delivery order, you must be the one who accepts the order from the delivery driver. The delivery driver normally cannot leave an order with anyone who doesn’t match the name on the order. This regulation is designed to prevent underaged sales from dispensaries though, instead of intending to be an inconvenience to you. And these regulations are constantly changing and vary depending on the state you are placing the dispensary order in. Be sure to double-check the laws before placing an order that might be fulfilled illegally.

3. What Do You Need to Order from A Dispensary?

To have your dispensary order delivered, you will need a few different items to complete the transaction. You will first need a legal, valid, and not expired form of ID. If you are ordering from a medical dispensary, as a medical patient, then you will also need to have your medical card available as well. A delivery driver will have to check both your ID card and your medical ID and make sure they match the name on the delivery order.

You will also need cash to pay for your order, and having the exact change is ideal. If you don’t have the exact change, then plan on rounding up at the ATM so that you can tip your delivery driver too. Some delivery services have found ways to accept debit card payments, but most do not take credit cards at all. So, it’s safest to have enough cash to cover the cost of your order.

4. How Much Can You Order at Once?

There are often also delivery order minimums, to ensure it is worth the cost of sending a delivery driver to your doorstep. Some dispensaries may require you to order as much as $25 worth of product to meet the delivery order minimum. But that is easily done if they have an extensive menu. But dispensary delivery orders are not like ordering from Costco, and there are limits to how much product you can purchase in one order.

You are often restricted to placing a dispensary delivery order just once a day, per location. You will also be limited in how much of each type of product you can order from a dispensary. These limits are often set by the state, not the dispensary though. In some states, medical patients can purchase more products than recreational customers, but it all varies depending on where you are placing your order. Thankfully, online ordering systems will often stop you from ordering above your legal limit.

5. It Is Safe to Have Your Order Delivered?

The final lingering question is if it is safe to have your dispensary order delivered? Do delivery drivers run the risk of getting robbed when driving around with so much product and cash? And are there illegal delivery services that are operating in your state? Allow us to put your fears to rest. There are many places where dispensary delivery is safe and completely legal.

How To Find A Licensed Delivery Service

You can avoid placing orders from an unlicensed or illegal delivery service, by searching for dispensaries with a dispensary directory platform. There are also time restrictions on when dispensary orders can be placed, in the interest of protecting both the customer and delivery drivers. That is why there are no 24-hour delivery options for dispensaries. All delivery orders are also often carefully tracked by state regulators, down to the very route that the delivery driver takes, in order to ensure no products go missing. There are many more regulations that dispensary delivery services may be subject to in your area, to help the service run safely and legally.

In the age of social distancing and COVID-19, placing an order for delivery from a dispensary might be the safest option. Dispensary delivery services are still developing, but they have already proven to be fast, convenient, and expanding in popularity. Be sure to keep an eye out for new dispensary delivery services in your area and do your research to make sure the delivery service is legit.

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