How Vapes Positively Impact the Environment

Less Smoke equals Less Pollution

When we look at how most people have always imbibed their herbs, through combustion and other means of smoking, we cannot help but acknowledge that this contributed to environmental waste products. What makes them so harmful is the fact that they are not biodegradable. Fiberglass and other byproducts used to manufacture cigarette butts are literally scattered across the world in the most remote places.

This negatively impacts the surrounding ecosystem by inadvertently polluting waterways and streams and can pollute the soil by contributing to nutrient loss and ground pollution. Wildlife can end up being poisoned or severely injured by ingesting or coming across nicotine products such as these. It goes without saying that smoking in itself creates air pollution.

Smoking Creates Other Pollutants

Combine this with the fact that some people also use matches to light up their cigarettes and end up simply throwing them on the ground after lighting their tobacco. Even worse is coming across a lighter that no longer works, only to have it wantonly tossed on the side of a road. The truth is that trash cans are not abundantly found in remote areas of the wilderness. Campers, hikers, cyclists, and even hunters are known to be avid smokers, and where there is smoke, there can potentially be fire.

In fact, most wildfires caused in the world’s forests and natural habitats are due to human contribution. Most of those are inadvertently started by throwing lit cigarette butts, while others are intentionally set by arsonists. This is disastrous on many fronts to the balance of our ecosystem and the consequences they can lead to. If you destroy nature, you destroy mankind.

The External Environment vs Our Internal Environment

While it is highly important that we consider the impact smoking has on the environment, it is equally as important to consider what smoking can do to our internal environment, our health. Humans have been using tobacco for thousands of years. The reality is that most of these health problems and environmental factors are due to man-made additions such as fiberglass cigarette butts and plastics. Anything in moderation can be useful to enhance your life and wellbeing.

Vapes like the AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer utilize the tradition of smoking without the use of harmful environmental pollutants such as cigarette butts, lighters, matches, solvents, or butane. This can help reduce the harmful ingredients used in traditional tobacco products when combustion is the method of consumption. Another great feature about a vape like this is its ability to be recharged instead of using disposable batteries which could further impact the environment.

Why Vapes Are Better Than Smoking

Vapes are superior in many ways. Without the need for smoke, vapes utilize heat through various ways to produce vapor. Whether it be from combustion or convection, today’s modern vapes are versatile, health-conscious, and environmentally friendly. Gone are the days when matches, lighters and cigarette butts were the only ways you were able to enjoy a dry herb session. Vapes like the Titan 2 and the E-CLIPSE are on the forefront of herbal vaping technology.

Instead of relying on outdated methods of smoking, dry herb vapes such as these gently heat up and release volatile compounds that accumulate to create what we see as vapor when we exhale. This significantly cuts down on pollutants that contribute to internal and external environmental impacts. No littering, no pollution, and no chemicals are needed to have a superior vape session. The best part? No more having to buy papers, cigarettes, lighters, butane, or any other add-on that depletes your bankroll over time.

Environmentally Friendly Vapes

Vapes are responsible for contributing to cleanup efforts and a vast reduction in tobacco byproduct waste and pollution. Even when replacement parts are needed, manufacturing of these accessories does not impact the environment by cutting down trees for paper or milling for flint and granite for lighter strikers. When a vape is used, it requires electricity to function. Because these vapes are rechargeable, environmental waste is further reduced by not having to throw batteries in the trash which end up in landfills and can contaminate waterway systems.

Since most vaporizers utilize no combustion or harsh chemicals, your body benefits by not having to clean out and filter toxins and carcinogens through your organs like your liver. You are able to enjoy the effects of your vape session more with a clear head without clouding it with pollutants. That groggy, foggy, muggy feeling of sluggishness is drastically reduced by not having so many toxins introduced to the bloodstream. These are just some of the ways vaporizers benefit the external environment around us, and the internal environment within us.

Final Thoughts

One of the best aspects about using a vaporizer over smoking is the fact that you are doing yourself and the environment a true favor. On one hand you are saying you care about your health and the health of others, while also showing that you care for the well-being of the environment around you. Vaping models such as the SteamCloud Box Mod are capable of utilizing your dry herbs and converting into a wax and oil vape as well. This makes vapes truly versatile and convenient to own over traditional pipes and other smoking devices.

Vaporizers positively impact the environment by creating less waste and producing less toxins. The materials used to create these vapes do not require wood pulp or other natural resources, thus allowing you the peace of mind to indulge in your vape session knowing that you are truly doing your part to keep yourself healthy, and the environment happy.

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