How to Properly Use a Nectar Collector for Dabbing

Using nectar collectors for dabbing is another way to effectively consume your concentrates. You do not have to bring along a large dab rig with you just to have fun. This tool is increasingly becoming more common and we will discuss how it can bring you a more exciting and better experience. Let us dive into how it works.

Man reading a book about dabbing with a nectar collector

How to Use a Nectar Collector

Nectar Collectors are chosen by most consumers as they provide the ability to take a hit similar to a dab rig while still being portable and easy to use. They have risen in popularity partly because they are far more portable than a standard oil rig, yet they hit as good or better. They are smaller and designed to be held, so obviously they are much more mobile and less fragile than a standard rig.

It consists of a spine, body, and tip, much like most rigs. These parts may be made of silicone, glass, or quartz, each with its own set of advantages. You would inhale from the neck, which is also where the vapor flows through. Necks can be detachable and linked with a bridge or a separate filter.

Step-by-Step Using a Nectar Collector

  1. Place wax concentrates on the dish

The most significant and fundamental step in using a nectar collector is to heat the tip with a dab torch until it glows red hot. Allowing the tip to cool for about ten seconds before using it is recommended if you prefer dabs of a lower temperature.

Make sure to place your wax, shatter, budder, rosin, or oil on a heat-resistant surface or dab container. However, never put too much on the quartz dish; you just want enough for one dab at a time because getting the concentrates out of the quartz dish and back into your concentrate jar can be quite a struggle. The type of nectar collector should be able to handle the extreme heat - silicone or glass are both good options.

Some dabbers tend to use the container that came with the concentrates when they bought them and some look out for other options. Bear in mind the jar's material; you do not want to dab directly from a plastic jar because the high temperature of the nectar collector tip might easily melt the plastic, creating a nasty fume that is toxic to your throat and lungs.

woman pouring water on top of a nectar collector
  1. Fill Nectar body with water for filtration

The nectar collectors, like any dab rig, will need water for filtration and cooling down the temperature of the vapor. Not all nectar collector sets have filtration features; for example, the 14mm silicone nectar collector has a straw-like tube that does not have any filtration; however, it is ideal for low-temperature dabs. Be sure to first heat the tip using your butane torch until it is red hot. If you enjoy taking low temp dabs, you may want to wait 7-10 seconds to let the tip cool down. When ready, press the tip of the nectar collector gently against the concentrate inside the dab jar or laid on a dab mat.

  1. Connect the tip and the mouthpiece to the body

Choose your favorite type of tip for use. You can choose between two heating tips, the quartz one and the titanium one. Most of the joint sizes of these tips are both 10mm male tips.  Compared to the titanium tip, the quartz does provide a "purer" taste when it comes to dabbing, but the downside is the quartz tip takes longer to heat than the titanium tip, but not by much. So, using a titanium tip or quartz tip to dab is entirely up to your personal choice.

After putting the tip and mouthpiece together with the body, you will need to secure them with a set of clips. This step is crucial when it comes to safety, remember, the temperature of your quartz/titanium tip can reach as high as 700°F when heating with a butane torch, if the tip is not secured and it drops on your lap or your hand, you will put yourself at risk.  These clips are specially designed to withstand a large amount of heat so do not worry about clips melting in front of you.

silicone nectar collector with fire in the background
  1. Use a torch to heat the tip

You will need to get the tip of your nectar collector heated up to your desired temperature for dabs. The most common way of heating the tip is using a butane torch, just like when you are using the butane torch to heat the quartz banger on a dab rig, try to move the flame of the torch all around the quartz/titanium tip.

Pointing the flame directly on one single spot will heat the tip to a hazardous level, you could burn your concentrate quickly, not to mention the high temperature could also create little cracks in your glass nectar collector, making it fragile and dangerous to use. Allow the nectar collector to cool to your desired temperature. You can do this by checking the temperature with an infrared thermometer if you choose to do so.

  1. Place Nectar tip to wax concentrates and Inhale

After you finish heating the nail or tip, you should gently place it on the quartz dish or other heat-tolerant container containing your concentrates, use your mouth to inhale through the mouthpiece. Touch the hot tip to your wax or concentrate to vaporize them. Suck lightly on the cool end of the nectar collector and inhale gently. The heat of the tip will vaporize the concentrates immediately, as the vapor travels through the nectar collector, the water in it will cool down the temperature of the vapor providing a quality dabbing experience you yearn for.

Blue Nectar collector being prepped for a smoke sesh

Other Tips for Using the Nectar Collector

To make the most out of your experience, here are a few tips you can keep note of when using a nectar collector.

  • You do not need to use too much wax or concentrate.
  • If you see a lot of vapor escaping, press more lightly or pull harder
  • Lower temp nectar collector hits provide the smoothest and best taste

Overall, a nectar collector is unique, enjoyable, portable, and versatile. On the other hand, some of its drawbacks include the lack of temperature control, discreteness, and its shape can be too bulky for you to bring along with you at all times, but there may also be other options such as a silicone nectar collector that you can handle easily.

Make Sure to Clean Your Nectar Collector

To ensure that you have a quality experience when you want to use your nectar collector again, you should properly maintain and clean it. Cleaning your nectar collector is a straightforward process, as it simply requires a couple of easy steps. Just like with your other pieces, begin by scraping out any excess residue or clogging in the body in the neck, if you can reach. After soaking it in your go-to cleaning solution, such as coarse salt and rubbing alcohol, you can transform your nectar collector to be as good as new again. Nectar collectors are easily taken apart, and the multi-piece designs make cleaning easy.

red and green silicone nectar collector with blue background

Nectar Collector Conclusion

As people look for ways to discreetly enjoy dabs without a large dab rig, nectar collectors are becoming increasingly more common. They are also evolving to have many valuable features that people look for in high-quality pipes and rigs.

Compared to standard dab rigs, nectar collectors have many distinct advantages. They make etiquette for dabbing a lot easier for the consumer. This tool offers simplicity, portability, ease of usage, and waste reduction. There are several different types of nectar collectors on the market right now, and although their appearances vary, the general instructions for using one are the same. Once you have learned it, you can use any nectar collector with ease.

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