Dr. Dabber Boost Electronic Dab Rig Review

Since 2013, Dr. Dabber has been selling premium vape pens, wax pens, and dab pens. Their mission is to create excellent vaporizer products that provide their customers with an experience that leads to maximum enjoyment without the health risks associated with vaping. They craft award-winning products, including their Aurora vaporizer pen and Boost Electric Dab Rig, and have been awarded on multiple occasions for their outstanding customer service.

One of their newest products, the Dr. Dabber Boost, is making waves in the cannabis industry, as it is the next generation of the company’s award-winning Boost Electric Dab Rig. Since hitting the market, the kit has received hundreds of raving reviews. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the e-nail and see how it stacks up against its competitors.

What is the Dr. Dabber Boost?

In a time when vaping has grown increasingly popular, the Dr. Dabber Boost comes to us at the perfect time.

This electric dab rig comes in a kit that retails at $129.95 and includes the Boost electric dab rig, water bubbler, magnetic carb cap, magnetic loading tool, USB cord for charging, alcohol wipes, a titanium nail, a quartz nail, a ceramic nail, two medical-grade silicone storage containers, and a limited-edition keychain. The Boost is an e-nail that sports a simplistic design with a narrow base; and as the name suggests, it is a sleek black color. Since it is an e-nail, no torch is required. It runs on a standard 18650 battery and heats to a pre-calibrated optimal temperature with the press of the power button. It is only compatible with wax extracts. The Boost, like all Dr. Dabber products, comes with a one-year warranty.

Innovative Dab Rig with Unique Features

The Boost was designed to be portable, as it features an innovative water percolator which creates percolation like a full-size rig with only about a thimble full of water. Also, the glass attachment is designed to be spill proof so that the electric dab rig can be easily used when you’re out and about. It is capable of about 20 to 30 uses before needing to be recharged. Dr. Dabber also makes a few accessories that can be purchased to enhance your dabbing experience. Such accessories include beautiful hand-blown glass water bubblers/attachments. Additionally, Dr. Dabber sells replacement parts for the Boost eRig. 

What is Included In The Dr. Dabber Boost Dab Rig Kit?

A few key features include:

  • Dabber Boost
  • Two silicon storage containers
  • Water bubbler
  • Magnetic carb cap
  • Magnetic dab tool
  • One titanium nail
  • One quartz nail
  • One ceramic nail
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Keychain + carrying case

Overall, the design of the Boost appears similar to other e-nails, however, it’s signature black color makes it really stand out. Additionally, it’s temperature flexibility is second to none and allows consumers to achieve precise temperature (with the press of three clicks) due to its single power button on the battery body -- certainly much simpler than other vaping devices. If that’s not enough, it’s sleek body is more narrow compared to other e-rigs and may be easily stored for taking on an adventure outdoors or at a friend’s for a session with an added bonus of having a herb attachment. All this said we don’t see why a complete beginner can't pick the Boost up with minimal instruction and portability.

How To Use The Dr. Dabber Boost?

The Boost electric dab rig is great for beginners, as its assembly is quick and easy. To start, you’ll need to remove the water bubbler from the unit and load it from the top with water. You can then click the single power button on the eRig to turn it on. Click this button three times if you’re using the titanium nail or five times if you’re using the quartz or ceramic nail. When the rig is fully heated, the light will change colors. Now dab your wax onto the nail and be sure to cover the nail with the carb cap while inhaling through the glass mouthpiece.

To swap a nail on your Boost, you unscrew the nail by turning counterclockwise and then lift. Then replace it with a new nail, turning clockwise until it is secure.

To remove the glass, hold the base of the glass unit as well as the glass ring that attaches to the device between your index finger and thumb. Then, push down until the attachment is flush with the lip of the Boost unit. Be sure to use caution when pushing down, as too much pressure will break the attachment. Holding the glass attachment by the connection port, remove the glass with a straight up and down motion; do not twist.

Cleaning and Charging the Dr. Dabber Boost

To clean the nails, simply wipe down it and the dish with rubbing alcohol, being sure to wait until the rig has completely cooled down before doing so. To clean the water bubbler, first, remove the attachment. Then, slowly pour 99 percent isopropyl alcohol into the mouthpiece until the unit is about one-fourth of the way full. Shake the attachment gently and rinse by pouring water into the mouthpiece until all of the alcohol is flushed out of the bottom of the attachment. To ensure that all water has been removed from the attachment, blow through the mouthpiece and shake gently.

The Boost is extremely easy to charge. It typically takes six to eight hours to charge using the USB charger. The rig’s power button lights up purple when it’s charging and changes to green when the charge is complete.

Performance of The Dr. Dabber Boost

The e-nail only takes 25 seconds to heat up – but a little longer for the quartz and ceramic nails – which is about average for other e-nails. The quartz, ceramic and titanium nails perform optimally, but there are differences among all three. The quartz and ceramic nails – both requiring five pushes of the button to heat the rig to the proper temperature – produce full-bodied vapors. The titanium nail – only requiring three pushes of the power button – has excellent heat retention and produces more vapor than the ceramic and quartz nails. The overall vapor quality on all three nails is extremely smooth and creates beautiful, thick clouds.

Dr. Dabber Boost VS Dr. Dabber Switch 

The main difference between the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Dr. Dabber Switch is that the Boost electric dab rig emphasizes portability, while the Switch eRig emphasizes versatility. The Switch’s large battery can support 150 uses before needing to be recharged – which only takes 60 minutes compared to the Boost’s six to eight-hour time range – and it has 25 carefully calibrated heat settings. Notably, the Switch uses patent-pending induction heating technology that allows the device to heat up incredibly fast – an average of four seconds! But the Switch eRig is not as easily portable as the Boost. And if you’re a beginner, the many heat settings may be overwhelming. The Switch is also a higher price point than the Boost, costing around $400.

Dr. Dabber Boost VS Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is an award-winning vaporizer that sells for $379.99. It offers four different heat settings, 20-second heat-up time, 30 uses on a fully charged battery, intelligent temperature calibration, a two-hour battery charge time and a LED light band that provides battery and heat cycle feedback. The tech-savvy rig also has an extremely unique and sleek design that is offered in a few different colors. Similarly to the Dr. Dabber Boost, this electric dab rig is not meant to be an extremely portable piece like the Boost.

Dr. Dabber Boost VS Kandypens Oura

When you compare the Boost to Kandypen’s Oura, deemed "Best Portable Dab Rig of 2020" by The Vape Critic, the main differences are the Oura’s faster heat-up time – just five seconds – and it’s four different heat settings. The Oura is also quite a bit larger and over double the price of the Boost, at $349.95.

Looking at all three competitors, it is clear that each eRig offers more in terms of versatility than the Dr. Dabber Boost. The Boost seems to be designed for simplicity and ease of use. Overall, the largest downside of the Boost is it’s six to eight-hour charge time and its limited heat settings.

The Verdict

In brief, as we’ve learned, the Dr. Dabber Boost is designed for you to have a premium dabbing experience that is portable and convenient. Compared to other similar premium products, this high-quality vaporizer reigns supreme and offers a simple to use experience perfect for beginners, with tons of bells and whistles and at an affordable price.

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