Does Vaping Usually Involve Nicotine?

The Role of Nicotine in the Vaping Community

One of the main purposes for any health-conscious vape user is to gradually break away from the bad habit of smoking. Whether nicotine is used or not, vaping is a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking that is superior in every way.

While not everyone who comes to vape is a smoker or former smoker, vaping nicotine in the form of e-juice can help to mitigate the many health issues surrounding smoking. If one is a smoker or former smoker, vaping can serve as a means of gradually weaning off smoking and eventually, nicotine as well.

Quitting “cold-turkey” can be a very hard task to accomplish, which makes vaping nicotine a practical way to overcome this unhealthy addiction. If one were to choose to continue vaping nicotine, it would be much better to simply vape it instead of smoking it.

Vapes that Accommodate Nicotine

Since e-juice is the only real way to consume nicotine from a vaporizer, having a high-quality vape is the only way to ensure that you get measured doses in the correct quantity. Vapes such as the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 and the Yocan Uni Box Mod are just two examples of high-quality vapes that can get the job done efficiently.

Other vapes like the SteamCloud EVOD are suited specifically for oil concentrates but can effectively utilize e-juice as well. The reason why it is important to note that e-juice can be accommodated in these vapes is because despite the vast reduction of smoking that vaping has played a part in, vaping e-juice remains one of the most popular forms of vape usage today.

Those big, massive vape clouds that you have seen from a handheld box mod is more than likely from the use of e-juice and not something like dry herbs for example. People just love puffing out big clouds! From a smoker’s or former smoker’s perspective, this can be a very desirable feeling on the inhale, as some would not be accustomed to taking a wispy hit from a dry herb vape.

So, what are People Vaping?

Aside from nicotine e-juice, the most popular material that everyone is vaping is cannabis in its many forms. Wax concentrates are known to produce some massive clouds when used from a dab rig, though seldom do they ever replicate those clouds from a portable vape. However, they are noticeably much more pronounced than a puff from a dry herb vape.

Oil concentrates happen to be the most popular as they produce the biggest clouds and the heaviest effects. Oil concentrates are very effective when it comes to delivering a potent hit, whether for medicine or recreation. In fact, you will find that most if not all medical patients are using either a desktop vape, or a box mod of some sort.

Dry herb cannabis is also quite popular, especially among first time users and former smokers. Vapes like the AGO are perfect for the smoker looking to transition into vaping without immediately sacrificing the feeling that smoking brings. Vapes like this utilize combustion without the need for lighters or any other typical accessory that smokers are accustomed to. In time a smoker can slowly transition into vaping or continue to smoke in a way that is less harmful.

Why Cannabis is Better than Nicotine

Ask any smoker why they smoke, and they will likely tell you that they smoke because it “chills them out.” Nicotine has a calming effect on the nerves that can be quite helpful to certain types of people. Despite this, the traditional method used to deliver nicotine to the body remains a health problem.

Therefore, vaping nicotine has become a popular alternative. E-juice sales remain high and ever popular, though the truth is that there is a much better solution that is both safe and natural. We all know about cannabis and the important role it plays within the medical community.

Cannabis is better than nicotine because it is more versatile and has a wider range of positive health effects than nicotine. Unlike e-juice, the truth is that cannabis’ constituents are not addictive. While nicotine might calm your nerves, cannabis can do the same thing, and the effects last much longer.

Why Vaping Cannabis is Better than Smoking

Cannabis offers everything from a sleep aid and pain relief to anxiety and even treatment for depression. The trick here is that you would want to vape cannabis instead of smoking it to really take advantage of all its health benefits.

Though cannabis has been smoked for thousands of years, only recently has vaping replaced the method of consumption as a whole. Cannabis contains a fraction of pollutants that tobacco and nicotine has yet smoking it can still provide a few health issues. Despite this, cannabis is still preferable to nicotine, whether in tobacco form or an e-juice.

Over time, vaping can completely replace smoking as a habit that is worthy of maintaining due to the lack of negative health effects when compared to smoking. The key here is moderation. Therefore, you would be better off getting a very strong cannabis strain as opposed to a weak strain so that you only vape in limited amounts in order to achieve the desired effect.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis is one the most medicinal herbs on our planet. Everything from food, clothing, medicine, and textiles are made from the cannabis plant. Treating this herb with respect is the only way to gain from its wisdom.

Nicotine is also a natural substance that has its place among the medical community. Unfortunately, this substance has been used and abused to the point of blurring the line between menace and medicine.

No matter what you choose to use, always try to opt for the healthier alternative which is vaping. This will ensure that you are making the best choice for yourself and your health in the long run.

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