Cool Pokemon Pipes and Smoking Accessories

Looking for something to add a bit of jazz to your smoking routine? We have just the thing! We have a list of some of the coolest, most unique Pokemon accessories you add to your smoking style. Take a look and see which smoking pipe you want to catch into your collection!

Pokemon Silicone Smoking Pipe

This spoon style Pokemon silicone pipe would love to go home with you! The body is made from heat-resistant silicone that helps protect against rough handling and drops. It includes a glass bowl that can be removed for easy cleaning, but the glass bowl also enhances the flavor of the smoke! The pipe also comes with bowl cover, so you can pack your bowl and securely travel with it. This pipe is available in two different color schemes and would make a great addition to your pipe collection!

Pokeball Herb Grinder

This collective two-piece grinder adds just the right amount of fashion to your smoking style. When combined, the grinder looks like a traditional Pokeball and has no indication that it is a grinder at all. However, once taken apart, the razor-sharp teeth become visible. This is a great piece for discreetly carrying your grinder around or simply to further enhance your Pokemon smoking gear. There’s a special discount when you buy two, so buy one for yourself and a friend! These are great for dry herb vaporizers

Pokemon Glass Smoking Pipe

This glass spoon pipe is perfect for those that want a unique design as well as practical day to day use. The hand-blown glass body features a particularly deep bowl, which is perfect for extended smoking sessions, and the colors throughout the body make the bowl look just like a Pokeball! The pipe also features a knob for easy handling and a carb hole for precision airflow control. This Pokemon pipe could quickly become your favorite!

Pikachu Herb Grinder

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you are almost certainly a fan of Pikachu! Its cute little face is perfect for placement on the Pikachu herb grinder. The ears act as a grip aid while you twist the two pieces to grind your herbs, and once opened, you can see the sharp teeth that do the shredding. This is a cute addition to your Pokemon smoking collection and is a great choice for someone who is using a shredder for the first time!

Pokeball Dab Containers

Storing wax concentrate can be a messy venture, but these Pokeball dab containers make it easy! Made from food-grade silicone, they safely store your waxes until you are ready to dab! They also look fantastic and are an easy way to travel with wax concentrates discreetly. Buying several at a time offers discounts, so stock up for yourself or give some to a friend that loves Pokemon gear!

Pokemon Dabber Tools

You can find all kinds of smoking gear that is themed with Pokemon, including dabber tools! Pokemon-themed dabber tools will often have a color scheme that runs through the entire tool that matches the specific Pokemon being used as a design. The Pokemon design will usually be the handle, which offers a much larger surface area to manage your concentrates than a traditional dab tool might. Both stylish and functional, consider getting Pokemon Dabber tools to add to your collection.

Pokemon Bongs

One of the coolest ways to show your love of all things Pokemon is getting a Pokemon themed bong! There are all kinds of interesting bong designs, including those that have a Pokeball themed bong bowls, smoke chambers, and mouthpieces, as well as expensive, intricate bongs that are made to look exactly like the Pokemon in question! While these will be a bit more budget restrictive, they are some of the coolest pieces of gear you can get.

Pokemon Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are an absolute necessity if you are regularly rolling your own joints or blunts, and what better tray to have than one that is themed with Pokemon! The available designs are endless, though it will be quite easy to find Charizard and Pikachu themed trays. With enough shopping, you will be sure to find the Pokemon tray that is perfect for you!

Pokeflute Chillums

The traditional design of chillum pipes makes them a perfect match for making them Pokeflute themed! You still have the large, forward-facing bowl that is a trademark characteristic of chillums, but the stem is designed to look like it has little flute holes! You can find all kinds of variations of this particular style, and we thought they looked incredible! They are a great choice for adding a bit of flair to your smoking! The electric version of this is a vape pen!

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