Cool Must-Have Smoking Pipes Made for Women

Not all pipes were created equal -- and not all pipes were created specifically for women. Although gender doesn’t really make a difference when it comes to how you enjoy a good bowl, the right piece can make a big difference in your smoking experience. Appearance isn’t everything though, and you'll also want a pipe that consistently works well too. We’ve scoured the internet for some great pipes with a hint of feminine flair, and decided to share -- because sharing is caring.

Purse-Sized Pieces

Smoking pipes that are compact and work well can be hard to come by at times. Thankfully there are a lot of unique pipes on the market these days. One-hitter can be convenient, but they do tend to leave behind ‘Scooby-Snacks’ that can catch in your throat and taste unpleasant. That’s why we prefer the following compact pipes, which have enough of a smoke path to allow you to inhale without worry.

lipstick pipe in a purse

Most Discreet

Lipstick Smoking Pipe

The most discreet pipes blend in naturally with their environment. For example, a camouflage pipe is ideal for a discreet session on the trails, while a cigarette-shaped one-hitter is ideal for a sneaky smoke while walking the streets. Well, this lipstick pipe will blend in perfectly in a purse. It is the size of a standard lipstick tube, just under four inches long and about an inch around. The metal structure and lid make it durable enough to roll around in a purse too. So go ahead, toss this pipe in your purse and no one will guess that your makeup collection is actually hiding the perfect pipe.

Most Convenient Pipes

Glass Pipe with Built-in Jar

One of the most convenient pipes we’ve seen yet is this glass spoon pipe already attached to an herb jar. This ingenious pipe allows you to store all the necessary pieces together for a convenient session when you want. You also don’t have to worry about running out of herb since your stash is attached to the pipe.  All you have to do is remember your lighter! It is the convenience of a one-hitter pipe, combined with the functionality of the classic spoon pipe.

double barrel wooden dugout with herb compartment

Most Storable

Double Barrel Dugout Pipes

Arguably the most travel-friendly pipe is this one-hitter Dugout Pipe Box. This four-inch long pipe can be easily stashed in a purse, clutch, or pocket. The wooden box contains two one-hitters and a whole section for your herb so that you can reload on the go. When these pipes are closed though, they simply look like a classy wooden case and can withstand being jostled around.

Super Cool

Sometimes you just want a piece that looks super cool or cute. But oftentimes, the cutest glass pieces are also the most fragile ones and subject to breaking easily. It can be a devastating event when your favorite piece shatters to pieces because of one misstep. However, the good news is that there are a lot of super cute pipes on the market that are also super strong. These pipes will survive an impact and live to work another day -- all while looking super cute.

pizza silicone pipe

Super Durable

Silicone Pizza Pipe

If you’re the world’s biggest fan of pizza, then this pipe is already an obvious choice for you. However, if you aren’t dedicated to pizza in a big way, this pipe still is unique and extremely durable. This slice of pizza is made with food-grade silicone, and the bowl insert is made of sturdy glass that blends into the bottom of the slice. The entire piece is just over four inches long and is equipped with a carb near the crust for a smooth inhale. Unlike real pizza though, it is extremely easy to clean and will last longer than an hour when sitting out on a table.

Awesome Design

Gibson Guitar Wooden Pipe

This Gibson Guitar pipe is more than just a marketing gimmick. It is actually made with wood from Gibson guitars! It functions like a basic spoon pipe but has a unique flair that is sure to impress those who are musically inclined. It will also hold up to the test of time, it is designed to resist cracks and breaks. This pipe will go perfectly with a good jam session and a good smoke session.

silicone flower pipe with a field of flowers for a background

A Little Bit of Both

Flower Silicone Pipe

This silicone flower pipe offers the best of all worlds when it comes to looks, durability, and functionality. It is made of food-grade silicone that will survive a bit of roughhousing, unlike a regular flower. The glass bowl also features a built-in screen to make your smoke and inhale smoother. This pipe is also super easy to disassemble and clean so that you can keep it smelling like flowers instead of ash.

Extra Flair

Who doesn't appreciate a little extra flair in life? Hopefully, the answer to that question is “no one,” otherwise this article might not be speaking to you. There are so many different, unique pipes on the market these days. If you prefer to be a bit extra and are proud of it, these pipes might be a perfect fit for you.

Extra Fun

Elephant Glass Pipe

Elephants might be one of the most playful animals on the planet -- just look up one of the millions of videos of baby elephants romping around. And while you’re doing that, load and enjoy this elephant-shaped glass pipe. This piece is a basic spoon pipe that has been redesigned to be a bit extra. Unlike a real elephant though, it is conveniently sized to fit easily in one hand, at just three inches tall with the trunk included.

 electro-formed aquatic smoking bowl

Extra Unique

Electroformed Aquatic Spoon Pipe Electroformed Butterfly Spoon Pipe

The electro-formed glass spoon pipes crafted by Cherry Glass are some of the most unique pipes we’ve seen yet. Each design incorporates a real piece of artwork from nature and gives it a second life. These five-inch pipes feature an actual butterfly, seahorse, starfish, and dragonfly, that are fitted to each unique pipe at the end of their life. Each pipe also includes a clock permanently set to 4:20 and Swarovski crystals to accent the insects and ocean creatures.

spiderman silicone bowl for the nerds!

Extra Nerdy..and Cool

Stormtrooper Silicone Smoking Pipe

Spiderman Silicone Smoking Pipe

There is nothing wrong with being a little nerdy, and these pipes will help you proclaim it to the world -- or at least your smoking circle. Both the Storm Trooper and Spider-Man pipes are made with food-grade silicone and glass bowl inserts with built-in screens. They are easy to disassemble and keep clean, and will easily survive any adventure you bring them along on.

Although all of these pipes can admittedly be enjoyed by men, women, and everyone who identifies somewhere in between, they are all designed for a unique smoker. They each have a bit of extra flair and flourish to them, and are a great addition to any smoker’s stash. It could be overwhelming to decide on just one, but with free shipping, you might as well get yourself one today!

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