Best Type of Dabbing Products for Vaping Wax

Wax or dabs have been around long enough that many vaporizers have been developed for optimum wax concentrate consumption. As of writing, some of the most popular choices among consumers include wax pens, dab rigs, e-rigs, nectar collectors, as well as multi-functional devices that kind of offer a taste of each.

Which of these devices are best to use for vaping wax? In this article, you will find out so stick around for more.

1. Wax Pens

Wax pens are considered one of the earliest iterations of a vaporizer that was designed and engineered to allow wax concentrate use. They were first fashioned as makeshift vaporizers from old herb pens that were modified to accommodate the herb’s waxy and oily derivatives.

These vaporizers were initially thought to be unsafe and some were as they were poorly made and are often crafted by actual users from their basements. But when manufacturers started adopting the idea, it gave way to better and safer products.

Portable Wax Vaping

One advantage of using a wax pen is its portability. Because of their size, these devices can easily fit in one’s pocket and can be carried almost anywhere else. It may not put out heavy vapor, but it can be used on the go.

If you are someone who prefers to consume wax concentrates on your feet, then a wax pen might be your best bet.

2. Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors work by heating a titanium tip with a torch. When heated, the tip will be dipped or hovered over wax concentrates to vaporize its active ingredients. Nectar collectors typically have a bubbler on the other end which allows it to offer the benefits of water filtration.

With the dawn of vaporizers, nectar collectors have also evolved and instead of using torches to heat the titanium tips, now use the power coming from a battery to heat a coil. This not only makes using a torch safer but also more convenient.

Ridiculous Dab Hits

The main advantage of using a nectar collector is that it allows you to consume your wax concentrates in a larger quantity. See with wax pens, you will have to work with the capacity of the coil where you will have to load the extracts in. Conversely, you do not need to load wax concentrates. Instead, you dip the actual heating element into the wax jar.

So, if what you want is to vape at your heart’s content, using a nectar collector might prove to be a good choice.

3. Dab Rigs

Dab rigs can be considered the oldest means of dabbing as they are reported to be used long before wax pens have been on the market.

A dab rig operates pretty much like a nectar collector. Once the actual rig and the banger have been set up, a torch will be used to heat the banger. After which, the user will have to calculate the temperature either by counting, hovering one’s palm over the banger, or using a digital thermometer.

The advancement in technology has also seen modern innovations to this traditional arrangement. Instead of torching the banger, there are now electric heating elements that can be attached to the banger for a safer means of heating.

Top Vapor Quality

Dab rigs are known not only for their large build but also for their overall vapor quality. It may be large and heavy, but they produce some of the best vapors in the business. Thanks to the generous amount of water in the glass piece and the slew of accessories that are compatible with dab rigs, you can enjoy a wide variety of experiences when using one — well as long as you do not mind staying at home that is. As you would imagine, they typically are not used anywhere else except at home.

4. E-Rigs

E-rigs are a newer variety of vaporizers that have evolved from dab rigs; they are essentially an electronic dab rig. They have been built to be more compact and more convenient all while providing the same vapor quality as the conventional dab rig.

Re-chargeable Rig Batteries

An e-rig is powered by a rechargeable battery that typically sits at the base of the device. A water attachment is placed atop the base which provides impeccable water filtration and mixture conditioning to make the vapors smoother and easier to take in.

Precision Dabbing

Instead of using an electric heating element or a torch, a coil heats the wax concentrates and offers precision (or preset) temperature controls which make e-rigs a precise device, especially for those who are particular with flavor and potency.

The Gold Standard for Dabs

E-rigs have earned a reputation of being the golden standard in dabbing because of the modern innovations it brings to the table. They are also convenient and nearly portable. If you want a capable device that comes packed with the latest vaping technology, then you might want to invest in an e-rig.


So, which among the devices is the best one to use for wax concentrates? Well, it all boils down to personal preference. However, many of today’s consumers prefer to put their money on wax pens like the Steam Cloud EVOD Vape Pen.

These devices are affordable and are simple to use. They will not cost you an arm and a leg but can still provide you a great experience. We will not be surprised to see why many are hooked on wax pens because they are the ultimate entry-level wax vaporizer as they allow consumers to feel comfortable in consuming wax without having to fork in a large sum of money just to find out whether vaping wax concentrates is right for them.

The Popular Wax Pens

Wax pens are also easy to carry around making them a great addition to your party pack for when you are out having a good time or simply when you are on vacation.

On that note, you can always select a wax vaporizer based on your personal choice and we hope that you will use this guide to determine which device suits you best in consuming your select wax concentrates.

Until then, happy vaping, and may you pick the right wax vaporizer for you.


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