Avoid Coughing During a Vape Session!

New Vape Users

We were all new to the world of vaping at one time or another, and when we took our first hits, we all had major coughing fits. This was normal and to be expected, but why does this happen? The truth of the matter is that most of us started out as smokers.

When taking a huge rip from a bong, pipe, or joint, we usually “cough up a lung” afterwards. It is the nature of smoking, and it is hard to overcome, no matter how experienced one is. When it comes to vaping, large hits usually mean a coughing episode, especially for a newbie.

Oddly enough, this is not as big of an issue the more experienced one is when it comes to vaping. While large hits can still bring on a cough, it is much more manageable for an experienced vape user. This is because vapor is different from smoke, as is the material being vaped.

Why do we Cough?

Most users that come to vaping have extensive experience when it comes to smoking. This is the major cause for having a coughing fit because many users will hit a vape the same way they would hit a pipe or a joint.

The truth is that most users are either vaping cannabis or a flavored e-juice. The result is the same if you try to hit a vape pen like a joint. But this still does not explain exactly why it happens. The reason is simple.

Cannabis and e-juices are much more concentrated to be able to accommodate their vaporizers, and as a result, hitting a concentrated form of these constituents will likely result in an intense coughing fit. A little goes a long way when it comes to vaping, and this is why people sometimes cough their lungs out after taking a hit from a vape.

How to Avoid Coughing

Having the best vape in the world would not prevent you from coughing. It is all a matter of how you use the vape in question. Take the AGO for example: It is a combustion vape that can switch to a convection vape with the addition of a glass screen.

While combustion is still being used, the intensity can be reduced by eliminating the butane that comes with a traditional lighter. Box mod vapes like the SteamCloud Box Mod are powerful enough to send you coughing to the moon unless you know how to do it right.

Start out slowly by remembering that vapor is much more concentrated than smoke. Take lighter hits, and your tolerance should build up nicely in time. Unlike smoke, vapor has this positive effect. Another tip is to simply turn down the wattage or voltage on your vape pen.

Cannabis vs E-Juice

When it comes to coughing, both options can cause incredibly intense fits. It is hard to definitively say that one causes more coughing than the other, though because people all have different doses, strains, and variable wattages operating on their vapes, coughing can result from too much from any one of these.

Cannabis concentrates like wax and oil can cause you to cough if you take in a large hit too quickly. Conversely, e-juice can do the same thing if you are not too careful. Because cannabis is highly concentrated in these forms in a vape, inhaling them at a high voltage will result in a cough.

Vapes like the SteamCloud EVOD are specifically made to vape e-juice and oil concentrates alike. The key is to take in your hits slowly, unlike you would if you were smoking, for example. The good news with cannabis is that in time, you build up a tolerance to the feeling when you take a hit, which will greatly reduce the likelihood that you will have a coughing fit.

What About CBD?

One of the more recent compounds to be studied and medicinally available is the cannabinoid known as CBD. Unlike THC, which is the main compound that gives you the “high,” CBD is not psychoactive. It is mainly used to sleep, anxiety, and for pain management.

Because the best method to get CBD in your system is through vaporization, the result remains the same if you happen to take too big of a hit, too fast, on a really high voltage setting. When taking a hit from a vape, these cannabinoids make their way to your bloodstream through the lungs.

This is the quickest and most efficient way to deliver medicinal compounds to the body without resorting to pills or edibles, which could be overwhelming to less experienced users. In order to properly mitigate the issue of coughing, it is best to know your strain, and your vape settings.

Final Thoughts

Always try to go for high-quality vapes, and high-quality strains of cannabis. Even if you have all the right settings dialed in on a good vape, you could still end up coughing your lungs out if you happen to use subpar quality cannabis or e-juice that has gone beyond its usage date.

Never leave your stash or e-juice out in the sun or in extreme climates, as this may cause the compounds within them to go rancid and produce bad reactions such as coughing when taking in a hit. It is always better to take smaller hits from stronger strains to mitigate the coughing aspect to a minimum.

Aside from having materials that may not be ideal for your vape, the majority of coughing ordeals comes down to user error and not knowing your limits. The truth is that you could end up wasting your material on unnecessarily large hits that could produce the same effect with smaller hits. Always remember that moderation is the key.

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