Are Box Mod Vapes Safe?

Yes! Even though box mods usually have a large battery and have a broad range of powerful features, box mods are extremely safe to use. In fact, you could even argue that box mods are safer than cheap vape pens from after-market sources. The primary safety concern on a box mod is the battery overheating and exploding. Box mods are loaded with all types of safety features that all but eliminate a battery overload from happening.

Some of these features include a five-click power-on sequence, which means it is difficult to accidentally turn it on, a five-click power-down sequence, so you know for sure that the device has been turned off, and a ten-second safety shut-off, which is designed to automatically power down the device when the power button has been pressed for too long. Box mods are also made with high-quality batteries that are unlikely to overheat.

Best Practices for Box Mod Vapes

While devices from trustworthy retailers and brands are overwhelmingly safe to use, that does not mean you should treat your box mod or vape pen carelessly. Consider the following safety tips when using your vaping device to not only protect yourself from harm but also to increase the longevity of your product!

  • Do not store your device in direct sunlight. This is the best way to get your box mod battery to overheat. You should always store your device in a room-temperature environment. If you are traveling with your box mod, you should keep it on you to make sure you don’t put it in a dangerous spot.
  • Do not store your device in your car. Cars heat up quickly, even on days that otherwise feel comfortable and cool. Even if your box mod is out of direct sunlight, the fast-growing temperatures in a car could prove taxing on your battery. If traveling with your box mod or vape pen, you should try to keep it on your person as much as possible. Not only will this protect it from high temperatures, but it will help prevent you from losing it!
  • Give your box mod a break after extended use. You may notice that, after a long vaping session, your box mod has begun to feel hot to the touch. This is because the battery has been constantly providing power to the heating element as you take hits of your dry herb vaporizer. If you can feel that your device is hot to the touch, let it cool! Many box mods have a safety feature that will not allow the device to be turned on if the internal temperature is too hot. Still, even if your battery has plenty of juice remaining, it may just need a quick breather!
  • Only use cartridges and attachments from trusted brands or retailers. A lot of the problems you hear about vape pens overheating or exploding are due to the use of shady, pre-filled cartridges. You should only be using vape oil or cartridges from trusted retailers or brands. Quality brands and retailers make sure the internal-electrical components of the cartridge are finely tuned and will often have power or resistance requirements listed on the box.
  • Only use box mods and vape pens from trusted brands and retailers. Poorly constructed vape pens and box mods account for the vast majority of stories you hear about vape pens exploding. They are made with low-quality components and low-quality batteries, all of which are susceptible to overheating creating fire hazards. Always buy your box mods and vape pens from reputable retailers or from brands that you trust.
  • On new cartridges or attachments, start with low power and work your way up. Box mods offer a lot of juice, and while they are made to handle a variety of different products, those products may not have been made specifically for box mods! If your power output is too high when you begin vaping, you risk shorting out the cartridge or ruining the heating element or wick. Start with the lowest setting, and then work your way up to avoid shorting anything out.
  • Where to Buy Box Mod Vapes

    You can find vape pens and box mods just about anywhere, but that does not mean you should buy them from anywhere. Specialty brick and mortar vape stores are a great place to start, though your selection will be pretty limited. Online retailers offer more variety, but you will want to make sure that they stand behind the products they sell. For example, here at, we offer a guarantee on all products sold, and we help navigate manufacturer warranty claims (all while offering Free Shipping with no purchase minimums required!). We would love for you to start with us, and if we can’t help you find what you are looking for, we can show you where you can find it!

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