All you Need to Know About Silicone Pipes

You will find many smoking pipes are now available on the market today for smoking your favorite herbs but deciding on one can just be as hard, and armed with the knowledge of where to start, it is easier to choose from a handful of different designs.

One popular choice that many people are turning to today is high-quality silicone, but because of its similarity in appearance to plastic, many are still conflicted about its safety and durability.

A silicone pipe will not only add some style and personality to your smoking, but because you’d be using it for some time, you want something that will last a while.

Silicone pipes are of various types, styles, sizes, and shapes out there, but before we proceed, let’s find out what a silicone pipe is.

What is a Silicone Bong or Pipe?

The design of silicone bongs or pipes is not different from designs made using glass or any other materials. Silicone pipes are formed using silicone, a high-quality heat material that neither burns nor melts and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals capable of causing lung damage when heated, which with plastic alternatives is an unfortunate side effect.

How to Use a Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs can work without any fancy gear or accessories, and they stay sturdy and useful especially with water. But like any bong, you have the option of smoking dry or wet with silicone bongs. These types are very similar to a round or breaker bong in having one chamber and a steady base. To use one, find a screen that fits and fill it with water, then stuff the bowl with your herb of choice, light it up and enjoy your smoke. No need for any instruction manual.

Are Silicone pipes safe to smoke from?

The answer is simply yes! Silicone can withstand high temperatures without melting, deforming, or emitting noxious gases because of its high melting point. Silicone can retain its shape up to 300 degrees Celsius-twice water’s boiling temperature.

Although we have established that silicone pipes are durable, you should, however, avoid bringing it into contact with direct flames, as this can easily damage your piece. With the increasing demand for reasonably affordable smoking devices, low-grade silicone pipes have flooded the market. So, if a high-quality silicone pipe is what you want, ensure you are buying from a reputable online smoke store or head shop.

Advantages of a Silicone Bong


One of the greatest features of silicone pipes is their flexibility, which means they can bend easily, making them extremely portable. They can be easily stacked anywhere without having to worry about breaking the pipe. Smoking pipes can also be dismantled, which makes it easy to pack and clean.


Of all the benefits silicon pipe offers, the most significant is its durability. It is known to be unbreakable, so there is no need to worry about breaking them even if they slip and fall. When packed and traveling, you can’t always control what will happen to your pipe. But because they are accident-proof, you can take your bong with you anywhere.

Easy to Clean

It is easier to clean silicone pipes because they can be bent and thoroughly cleaned without having to worry about any breakages. Also, silicone pipes can be dismantled, and each piece washed at a time to ensure they are always clean. If they are not adequately cleaned, bacteria will find the pipe a suitable breeding environment, contaminating your stash and making it taste gross.

Great for Storing Wax Concentrates

If you are into dabbing a lot, you probably know you can’t afford to waste wax. However, wax can be messy. But, while using a silicone pipe, that is not something you have to worry about as it does not stick. This makes it much easier to scoop using a dab tool. Although, a drawback with silicone pipes is that they may give a plastic taste when you smoke. Thankfully, as you continue to keep cleaning it, this goes away. Using a silicone pipe means you can enjoy smoking cannabis without too much waste.

Easy to Use

Silicone features a non-stick surface that is easy to clean and doesn’t have unpleasant odor stuck to it. This means you can enjoy a nice clean smoking, simple cleaning, and no after-taste. In addition, food-grade silicone pipes do not soak or absorb any material around it, which makes them extremely safe.

How To Clean Silicone Pipe

Many people draw back from investing in silicone pipes because they don't know how to clean pipes. There are a couple of harsh pipe cleaners out there, but they are not harsh enough to damage the silicone pipe, and because of its smooth surface, there is no need for industrial pipe cleaners to get the job done.

All you just need is a few drops of dish soap combined with warm tap water, and you can have your pipe or bong clean in a moment. You don’t need to scrub or harsh chemicals to clean silicone, and there is no need to worry about using them in most cases.

How to Purchase a Safe Silicone Bong?

There are two grades silicone come in, which are food grade and medical grade. And sometimes you might also find a cheaper grade, which we know you get the idea of. What you get in silicone is what you pay for. If you are looking for very cheap silicone pipes, you’ll likely find them, but chances are they will not be the best quality silicone and can deform or warp under pressure. Because of the safety some silicone pipes offer and the danger with others, it is your responsibility to make the right choice. One of the things you can look out for is products with BPA in them.


With silicone pipes, you will find one of the most durable options that provide an everyday pipe smoke while saving the glass pipes for that evening dinner party. Silicone pipes offer tremendous benefits of durability, ease of cleaning, and availability in a wide array of colors and styles. In terms of quality and style statement, you can’t beat these pipes. Ensure you chose a simple food-safe silicone option when going for one. Always keep it clean and feel confident moving around with it knowing it won’t ever break even when it falls.

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