AGO Vape vs Titan 2: Which Is a Better Dry Herb Vape?

For people who are into vaping herb on-the-go, having a dry herb vape pen in your pocket is what you would always want. It would be your go-to vaping companion due to how simple and portable they are. With all the choices out in the market today, we will compare two of the most outstanding products: The AGO Vape and the Titan 2.

Let us begin.

Red and black titan 2 vaporizer next to each other with a grey background

Distinguishing the Two Dry Herb Vaporizers

The AGO Vape is a personal vaporizer pen with a strong, rechargeable battery that makes it extremely portable. Other than the dry herbs of your choice, you can also use wax in the heating chamber. This is the vape pen for you if you are looking for a cheap dry herb vape pen and combustion is not a problem. The AGO Vape is a low-cost vape pen that works with both dry herb and wax atomizers. The AGO dry herb vape uses combustion to burn herbs, giving you a bit of smoke-like experience.

On the other hand, Titan 2 is a dry herb vaporizer with digital temperature control. While this vaporizer is larger than the AGO, it excels in other areas, including variable temperature control, a display screen, and convection heating. Convection heating is what gets the vapors versus combustion which gets you smoke.

Vape Kit Features and Accessories

For the AGO Vape, this vape pen comes in a kit with a silicone herb storage container, scraping tool, cleaning, brush, USB vape charger, wall charger, and protective travel case. The AGO Vape is equipped with a chamber used for heating dry herbs, but technically it can also be used with concentrates and wax.

Similar to its counterpart, the Titan 2 dry herb also has the sort of the same accessories. Its most highlighted feature is its fully customizable temperature control that ranges between 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This kit includes the Titan 2 vaporizer, a cleaning brush, a micro-USB charging cable, 5-pack metal filter screens, 3-pack mouthpiece covers, 2-pack extended mouthpiece, a user manual, and a protective box. woman thinking about her titan 2 and ago battery life

Vape Battery Capacity

The AGO Vape has a 650mAh capacity, which means that a lower than usual amount of power and energy is stored in the device. However, the AGO uses less energy when it operates so it will still last longer when compared to the Titan 2 vape’s 2200mAh energy capacity.

The Titan 2 Vape can provide a solid vaping session and a good amount of power, especially for long time use. The 2000mAh battery gets charged fully in approximately 4 hours. One single full charge should be sufficient to see you through the day. Also, since the battery retains the charge for an extended period, you can charge the device in advance for hours of uninterrupted vaping.

Vape Design and Build

The AGO Vape's exterior shows a screen that displays the battery life and current puff count of the vape. This also boasts a lock safety feature that has a 5-click safety function so that the vape does not get activated while inside your bag or pocket. You can also easily carry it with you since it is only 6.25 inches in length by 0.5 inches in width.

While the Titan 2 measures 5.5 inches in height and 1 inch in diameter and it also has a display screen. The vaporizing or heat chamber is large enough to hold a large number of dry herb grindings without overcrowding the compartment and snap back over the mouthpiece's top securely.

Both vaping devices perform the same task: they allow you to breathe in heated dry herbs to provide a special vaping experience.

red titan 2 in a mans hand outside on the go

Vape Portability

Given its hand-held factor, the Titan 2 is a bit bigger in comparison to the AGO Vape pen. Despite the Titan 2 being a bit wider than the AGO Vape pen, it does not really equate to it being less portable. The Titan 2 is also easy to bring along with you but can be a bit bulkier when placed in a pocket or pouch. Another major distinction is their respective forms. The Titan 2 is shaped like a flat rectangle and is unlikely to roll around. The Titan 2's flatter form also makes it easier to fit into a bag.

Discreet Vaping

The pen-like build of the AGO Vape Pen makes it unnoticeable when used. For the price you are paying, you are getting a thinner and sleek design as compared with the Titan 2. If you are considering the AGO Vaporizer for dry-herb vaping, you should definitely invest in a dry herb grinder.

Vape pens get their name from their pen-like shape, sleek design, and practical, on-the-go use. If you are walking near train stations or outside pubs, the pen-like build is less to be turning heads than the kind that has a bulkier form.

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Vaporizer Features

Both vape pens use a mechanism close to that of convection ovens to achieve true vaporization of the herbs. instead, the air is heated and passed through them, absorbing their aromas, ensuring that the consumer is inhaling only the purest type of vapor.

The Titan 2 is a vaporizer with a customizable temperature, which means that the consumer has more latitude in the vaporization process in terms of the speed at which the flower is vaporized, as well as ensuring that the consumer will be able to find the exact temperature that suits them.

The AGO Vape is one of the few vaping pens made specifically for dry-herb vaping. This vape pen is the most adaptable budget vape pen since it can be purchased with either a dry herb or wax atomizer.

Ease of Vaping

To use the AGO Vape Pen, make sure that you regularly charge it. Before using, you should connect the heating chamber to the battery and fill it with ground herbs. Place the mouthpiece on top of the chamber and turn it on by pressing the power button five times in a row. Press the power button to heat the coil inside the chamber. Hold the button so that you can now take your puff once the herbs are heated.

For Titan 2, just like the AGO Vape, make sure to charge the unit first. Take away the mouthpiece to fill in the heating chamber with your ground-up dry herbs.

Titan 2 and AGO with hands clapping and yellow background

AGO and Titan 2 Aesthetics

The rectangular shape of the body with a dome-styled mouthpiece imparts a high aesthetic appeal to Titan 2. The compact design of the device accentuated by the serrated edges on the sides and the traffic-signal styled power button with the up/down arrow key indentations add to the aesthetics of the vape. Plus, the rectangular shape means the vape will never roll off a table or countertop while you reach for the herb grinder.

The AGO Vape presents its stylus-style design that is small enough to fit in your pocket. Any part of the AGO vaporizer is interchangeable and replaceable, from the vape battery to the rubber control button on the battery.


Regardless of the consumer's preferences, both the AGO Vape or the Titan 2 can provide an enriching, safe, and enjoyable vaping experience. The simple and efficient design of a vape pen can do an amazing job of providing you with the huff and puff you need. No matter your choice, these two vape pens can surely complement your vaping session alone or with friends.

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