15 Reasons Why People Love Dab Pens

Dab pens have been a popular device for many consumers because of many reasons. A lot of smokers have transitioned to a healthier alternative through the use of dab pens.

Interested to know why many people have come to love this small vaporizer? Join us and find out as we talk about the 15 reasons why people love dab pens.

1. They are Portable

Well, it is kind of expected from a device with the word “pen” in its name. These vaporizers are designed to be about the size of your humble office pen. Little do others know that they can be used to vaporize wax concentrates while you are out and about.

Thanks to its small and compact size, owners have been able to enjoy their favorite wax concentrates almost anywhere they go. That said, it has been the choice of those who really want to bring their sessions wherever they may be.

Take the Steam Cloud EVOD for example, it is a small and compact device that you can slide in your pocket, keep in your bag, or even hold in the palm of your hands.

2. Easy to Use

One of the advantages of using a dab pen — aside from its portable design — is how simple and straightforward it is to use.

Many dab pens have only a single button used to turn it on or off, activate the heating element, and in some cases, even toggle through the available temperature setting.

Other dab pens even drop the tactile button and can only be activated by the force and the suction created when you inhale from the device. These products are highly sought-after because of how convenient dabbing can be.

3. Dab Pens are Affordable

Compared to dab rigs, e-rigs, and other larger portable devices, dab pens obviously use smaller amounts of raw material which make them more affordable than the aforementioned counterparts.

This means that consumers do not have to save up just to get one. They can be easily purchased making them a popular alternative to dab rigs, nectar collectors and other wax dabbing tools.

4. They are Easy to Maintain

Dab pens have fewer components. At best, it will have a mouthpiece, a battery, and a coil. This makes it easy to maintain such a device as even beginners can easily get accustomed to cleaning the parts before they call it a day.

More importantly, many companies have started to make replacement parts available so that owners can keep their dab pens in good working condition just by replacing parts that have started to wear off.

5. They can be Versatile Vapes

Dab pens can be versatile devices. While many of them are designed and engineered specifically for the consumption of wax concentrates. Others have been developed to accommodate other materials, like ground botanicals for example.

6. They Can Easily Be Purchased

Remember we said they are affordable? You will be happy to know that on top of having reasonable price tags, dab pens are also widely available and can easily be purchased almost anywhere.

There is a big chance that your local dispensary or head shop might have one. Moreover, you can always hit online retailers and manufacturers to order products from them.

7. They Dab Hard

As one would expect from a vaporizer used to vaporize wax concentrates, dab pens do hit hard. Especially when compared to dry herb vape pens, a single hit from a dab pen can melt the face of a new consumer.

If you are not accustomed to the effects of consuming wax, you better grab a hold of something because dabbing from a dab pen can surely put you down for a good amount of time. These devices are designed and engineered to harness the potency of wax concentrates and the good ones really do deliver.

8. They Are Well Made

Those who think that dab pens are inferior to other vaporizers just because they are affordable could be proven wrong. In fact, some of these dab pens are made with some of the best raw materials on the market.

However, buyers are still warned to do their research and buy only from reputable companies and retailers.

9. They Are Easy to Charge

Dab pens obviously have smaller batteries. On one side, these batteries deplete faster, but on the other, they do recharge faster.

The average high-capacity battery of a large portable vaporizer can take six hours to be fully charged while a dab pen will only have you waiting anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

10. They have Variable Voltage Levels

One of the main reasons why many consumers go for larger devices is that they offer more advanced vaping technology — like precision temperature control. Most wax pens might not have the capability, but they make up for it with variable temperature settings.

These are often preset voltage or temperature levels that can be selected depending on an owner's preference.

11. They Are Easily Concealable

Granted that most wax dab pens are portable, but one aspect often overlooked is that they are also highly concealable. Some are designed with a matte black finish to not reflect light when you are using it when you are on the go.

That said, those not familiar with these devices will not easily spot that what you are carrying on the palm of your hands is indeed a wax vaporizer.

12. They Last Long

Because these devices are can typically be made from reliable components on the market, one can be surprised that they will last long. In addition, the batteries of today’s dab pens are also growing in capacity which makes them offer longer lasting sessions.

13. They Can Be a Good Entry-Level Device

Since wax dab pens are affordable, many have used them to tryout wax for the first time and to see if dabbing is right for them. Instead of investing in an expensive product, it is wise to buy a more affordable option first to see if consuming wax concentrates is the right one for you.

14. They Come in All Sizes

While many manufacturers try to stay true to the context, some have thought out of the box. That is why you will see dab pens as thick as a market and ones that are as small as your pinky finger.

15. They Are More Than Just Vaporizers

Lastly, wax dab pens are more than vaporizers. They can be a lifeline used by medicating patients to consume their daily dose of cannabinoids.

Dab pens can also serve other purposes, like the Steam Cloud Stylus Vape Pen which doubles as an actual stylus.


Obviously different people have different reasons for using a dab pen. But these here are just some of the most common ones we gathered from actual consumers and owners of dab pens.

We hope that this can help you make an informed decision if you are still on the fence in buying a dab pen.

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